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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Eurasian > The Post-Soviet World"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary (December 2014)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
The Independent States of Central Asia (August 1995)

Select Essays
Balkan War Aftermath: The Rise of Anti-Americanism and the End of Democracy in Russia (October 1999)
Baltics Crisis: U.S. Policy Options (April 1991)
Baltics Reborn (June 2003)
Chechnya: What's at Stake? (June 2000)
China's 'Takeover' of Russia's Far East (February 2004)
Circassian Repatriation: Culture Stronger Than Politics (November 1991)
Crisis of the Commonwealth of Independent States (August 1999)
Dagestan: A Legendary Hero Embodies a Nation's Quest for Freedom (January 1992)
Eastern Europe and the Possibility of Democracy (March 1991)
Estonia's Russians Left Behind (September 2004)
Ex-Soviet Republics: Can They Prosper? (November 1992)
Gateway East and West: Kaliningrad Pursues Economic Reforms (March 1996)
Georgia's Hospitality in a Crumbling Post-Soviet Era (August 1998)
Georgia-Russia Conflict: A New Cold War Threat (October 2008)
Georgia: Aggressive Rhetoric and Military Action (October 2008)
Georgia: Hope and Fears for an Ancient Land (July 1993)
Georgia: Toasting Its Memory and Future (July 1990)
Mixed Signals in Eastern Europe (December 2002)
Neighbors, Worlds Apart: Beslan Siege Widens Divide in Caucasus (April 2005)
Post-Soviet Era: The Problem of Forging History (April 2006)
Root Causes of Chechen Terror (December 2004)
Russia Joins NATO (August 2002)
Russia Snared by Cold War Thinking (December 2010)
Ukraine Between West and East: The Ethnic Problems of Post-Soviet Space (October 2006)
Ukraine Rebounds (March 1996)
Ukraine: Europe's New Nation (March 1992)

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