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Special Reports & Select Essays on "European > Expanding Europe"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Conflict in Ukraine (April 2014)
Kosovo: Birth Pangs of a New Nation (March 2008)
Islamic Diaspora and a Changing Europe (December 2007)
Europe's Immigration Problem (April 2005)
Europe in Trouble (December 2004)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
Eastern Europe in Transition (December 1996)
The New Democracies' Rocky Road (January 1994)
Building a Democratic Eastern Europe (May 1990)
The Freeing of Eastern Europe? (August 1988)

Select Essays
Britain: Underclass Dialect Exposes Social Rifts (February 2012)
Brussels: Ethnic Minorities Create New Feel to City (March 1989)
Czech People and Nation: Don't Call Me Comrade (June 2004)
Danish Cartoons Spark Philosophical Debate (March 2006)
Does National Identity Matter? (March 2004)
EU Expansion Reshapes Future of Europe (August 2004)
EU Expansion Sows Doubts About the Future: Rift Between Rich and Poor Nations Widens (October 2004)
Euro-Turkish: Loanwords Impact Turkish Language Development (February 2004)
Euro: Is Eastern Europe Ready? (October 2006)
Europe's 'Baby Bust' Signals Major Change (April 2007)
Europe's Dialogue With Islam (September 2005)
Facing Two Possible Futures (December 1992)
Germany's Outlook for New 'Grand Coalition' of Left and Right (November 2005)
Icelandic Shake-Up Improves Gender Equality (April 2009)
Immigration: Has Multiculturalism Failed? Europe's Identity Crisis (June 2011)
Italish Does It Better: Loanwords and Newspeak in Italy (May 2003)
Muslims and the Tale of Two Continents (December 2007)
Slav Muslims of Yugoslavia: Where Cultures Meet (September 1990)
Turkey at the Crossroads (September 1998)
Turkey: The Aspiring Man of Europe (April 1991)
Turkey: Why It Could Lose the EU Vote (May 2005)
Western Assistance and Eastern Reform (November 1989)
Working With the New Europe (January 1990)
Yugoslavia Coming Apart: Talks With Her Writers (April 1991)

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