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Special Reports & Select Essays on "European > Union of Europe"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Europe's "New" Cultures (April 2011)
The Euro-Zone Shudders (June 2010)
50 Years of a European Economic Community (August 2007)
Where Is Europe Headed? (December 2002)
The US. and the E.U.: The World's Leading Economic Relationship (April 2001)
A New Age for Europe's Left? (May 1999)
Britain After Maggie: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher (August 1998)
European Union At Last? (February 1997)
The Rocky Road to European Unity (December 1992)
The High Road to European Unity (October 1991)
Evaluating the Thatcher Era (August 1991)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
A New Germany--A New Europe? (February 1990)
Ethnic Nationalism in Europe (December 1989)
Capping the 1985 Geneva Summit (January 1986)

Select Essays
“Made in My Country” Mentality Flawed (March 2012)
A Third Superpower? (September 1987)
Birthrate: A Staggering Decline Clouds Europe's Future (January 2006)
Can Europe Become a Superpower? (September 2005)
City of London and EU in Bitter Acrimony (March 2012)
Crisis of Aging Confronts Europe (May 2010)
Educating the European Way (January 2003)
EU May One Day Choke Due to Overexpansion (April 2005)
EU: How Many More Require Rescue? (June 2010)
EU: Mistrust Undermines its Future (June 2010)
Europe 1992, Majority Rule, and the Role of Culture (November 1990)
Europe After 1992: An End to Nationhood as Historically Defined? (December 1989)
Europe May Need Outside Help for Financial Rescue (June 2011)
Europe Seeks to Embrace Gypsies (August 2005)
Europe Turns Inward (April 2010)
Europe's Migrant Crisis (August 2006)
Europe's Political Earthquakes Of 1992 (July 1992)
Europe's Second Great Depression? (June 1994)
Europe's Water Resources Seen at Risk (October 2008)
European Economy Since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism (August 2007)
France: The Real Political Crisis (May 2006)
François Hollande’s Wrong Idea of France (September 2012)
Germany Pursues Renewable Energy Goals (October 2010)
Germany's Crisis-Ridden Socialists (May 2006)
Greece: Brutal Police Responses to Protests (February 2011)
Immigration: Has Multiculturalism Failed? Europe's Identity Crisis (June 2011)
Italy's Unstable Political Future: A Look at the Divisive Italian Elections (May 2006)
Money: The Meaning of the New European Currency Unit (November 1990)
Portugal: The Crisis is “Only for Some of Us” (September 2011)
The Debt Death Trap (May 2010)
The Poetry of the Euro (February 2012)
Utopian Dreams Threatened (June 2010)
Where Is the EU Going? (April 2001)

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