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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Jewish > A Nation for the Jews"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Fathers of Faith (September 1999)
Israel At 50 (May 1998)
Religion and Liberal Society (January 1991)
Israel At 40 (May 1988)
Religion and Modernity (February 1987)

Select Essays
Accept Israel as the Jewish State? (January 2008)
Bible: A 2,000-Year Secret Revealed? (April 2001)
From Talmud to High Tech: New Industries Transform the Holy Land (July 2001)
Hebrew's Revival in Secular Literature (July 1993)
Israel and the Far East: Growing Links Between Jews and Asians (January 1989)
Israel's English-Speaking Community: To Their Promised Land (September 1996)
Israel's Social and Economic 'Miracle': A Window Onto Ourselves (November 1999)
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Communities: Descended From Sinai (December 1994)
Israel's Vietnamese Community: In a Strange Land (January 1996)
Israeli Labor Party: The Decline and Fall (March 1990)
Jacob Neusner and the Jewish Future (October 1987)
Kibbutzim Struggle for Survival: Seeking Common Ground (April 1997)
Modern Hebrew’s Dilemmas (September 2006)
Moral Tragedy of Menachem Begin (July 1987)
Mossad: Strength Through Intelligence (November 1986)
Passover Seder and Holy Israel: 'To See Ourselves As If' (April 1988)
Post-Zionist Israel (October 2000)
Religious Conflict in Israel (September 1987)
Return of a Lost Tribe: The Unfinished Exodus of the Ethiopian Jews (April 1988)
Savior or Villain (April 1990)
Soviet Jews' Exodus to Israel: Generation of the Desert (November 1992)
The Good Fence: Encountering the Unexpected Israel (December 1996)
Troubled Coexistence: Cautious Progress Between Israeli Arabs and Jews (January 1994)
Turning History Into Philosophy: The Case of the Sages of Judaism (May 1989)
Where David Reigned: The Debate Over Jewish Identity in Israel (May 1991)
Women's Evolving Role In Israel (March 1999)
Zionism and Judaism (January 1988)

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