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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Jewish > Holocaust and Diaspora"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Select Essays
American Jews: A Choosing People (August 2004)
Anti-Semitism and the Left (January 1987)
Ashes Still Burn: Perspectives on the Holocaust (April 1987)
Auschwitz Convent Controversy (July 1991)
Auschwitz to Oslo: The Journey of Elie Wiesel (February 1987)
Avignon's 'Odd Couple': The Popes and Jews of Medieval Provence (April 2005)
Bar Kokhba: A Two-Millennia Debate (July 1990)
Bnei Menashe of India Confirmed as One of the 'Lost' Tribes of Israel (September 2005)
Bukharan Jews in the United States: Rebuilding Their World (March 1995)
Dark Continent: Anti-Semitism in Europe (May 2012)
Denmark: Righteous Among Nations (October 2011)
Haitham Bundakji: Healer of Religious Hatred (May 2004)
In the Service of Memory (May 1993)
Iran's Ancient Jewish Community: In a Den of Lions (December 2001)
Jewish and Gentile Experience of the Holocaust: A Personal Perspective (February 1992)
Jewish Identity in America, Part One (May 1988)
Jewish Identity In America, Part Two (June 1988)
Judaism's Far-Flung Family (May 1988)
Legacy of the Holocaust: Prevention, Not Revenge (July 1986)
May a Good Year Be Sealed: Tensions Disturb the Paris Jewish Community (April 2004)
OSS and the Holocaust: Arthur Schlesinger's Myopia (August 2002)
PLO: Anatomy of an Explosion (November 1997)
Poland: A Jewish Emigre Returns (March 2005)
Return of the Big Lie (December 1993)
Ultimate Survivors: Jerusalem's Armenian Community (August 1997)

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