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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Latin American > South America"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Venezuela and Latin American Upheaval (September 2007)
Latin America Leans Left (August 2005)
Latin America In Flux (September 2004)
A New Strategy for Latin America (April 2002)
The Importance of Latin America (March 2001)
Children as Chattels (February 1995)
Latin America: At the Crossroads (August 1989)
South America's Fragile Democracies (April 1988)

Select Essays
Argentina Aims to Eliminate Illiteracy (November 2011)
Argentina Recovering From Its Biggest Economic Crash: Return After the Storm (October 2006)
Argentina: Industrial Farming Reaches Pampas (October 2009)
Argentina: Is There Any Hope? (July 1990)
Argentina: South America's Crown Jewel (April 2004)
Bolivia: Artificial 'Islands' Protect Cattle from Annual Floods (February 2012)
Bolivia: Aymara Traders Mix Tradition and Modern-Day Savvy (January 2009)
Bolivia: U.S. Rivals Eye Bolivian Gas and Minerals (February 2007)
Brazil at the Crossroads (March 1998)
Brazil Dances With the Dragon (January 2010)
Brazil Lurches Left (September 2003)
Brazil's Emerging Left (March 1989)
Brazil's Two-Pronged Energy Policy (June 2009)
Brazil: Many Walk a Fine Poverty Line (September 2005)
Brazil: Music Education Opens Doors (October 2009)
Brazil: Still Under Construction (February 2012)
Brazil: Will 'Lula' Luck Out (September 2003)
Brazil’s “Green Grant” to Protect Amazon Undermined (November 2011)
Chile's Mapuches Call For Regional Autonomy (November 2009)
Colombian Press “Rediscovers” Peace (October 2012)
Expanding Free Trade to Latin America (February 1994)
Free Books in Public Places to Woo Readers (June 2011)
From El Cid to El Che: The Hero and the Mystique of Liberation in Latin America (February 1988)
Garcia Sees Chile as Economic Example (May 2007)
Latin America: More Important Than Ever (October 1992)
Latin America: World’s “Most Unequal Region” (June 2012)
Mercosur Limps Slowly Along (March 2008)
Native Andean Women Weave a Future in Bolivia (June 2012)
Regional Approach to Latin America's Economic Crisis (December 1988)
Success Story in Latin America (March 2004)
Terrorism's Tenacious Roots in Latin America (March 1986)
The Democracy/Media Link in Latin America (December 2004)
U.S. Companies Question Doing Business in Latin America (May 2009)
Vargas and Peron: Two Tyrants (March 1991)
Venezuela as the Success of Defiance (January 2006)
Venezuela's Chavez: Liberator or Castro Clone? (November 2005)
Venezuela's Santería “Scams” (January 2009)
Venezuela: Weapons (September 2006)
Venezuelan Citizens Train to Fight U.S. 'Invasion' (February 2006)

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