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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Law & the Legal System > Scales of Justice"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
How Good Are Guns? (October 2003)
Justice Follies: The Trial of O.J. Simpson (August 1995)
Assessing Waco, One Year Later (June 1994)
The Who and the What of Tort Reform (February 1989)

Select Essays
Access to Justice Focus of World Justice Forum (January 2010)
Asset Seizure: Hooked on Forfeiture (October 1993)
Capital Punishment: Executing Underage Killers (State of Missouri v. Christopher Simmons) (August 2004)
Convicts in the Workplace?: It Makes Good Sense (March 1996)
Do Crime Victims Have a Right to Get Even? (April 1991)
Firearms, Mental Health, and Aurora, Colorado (September 2012)
First Amendment: The 'Terror' in Cross Burning (Virginia v. Black) (July 2003)
Gun Control Laws Can Reduce Crime (February 1997)
Identity Theft: A Crime of Modern Times (October 2003)
Individuals Versus Businesses in the Courts (June 1991)
Juvenile Crime: Who is Responsible? (April 1990)
Juvenile Offenders Sentenced to Shakespeare (September 2010)
Legalization: Panacea or Pandora's Box? (January 2006)
Necessity of Punishment (January 1993)
Police and Stress: The Mean Streets (March 1992)
Police Flexibility and Discretion (March 1992)
Pornography and the Law (December 1992)
Punishment and Human Rights (November 1993)
RICO and the Constitution (June 1991)
Suing the Government (June 1991)
Telecom Rules Are a ''Fiction'' (December 2004)
Telemarketing and the First Amendment (Ryan v. Telemarketing Associates) (April 2003)
Telemarketing and the Supreme Court (Ryan v. Telemarketing Associates) (August 2003)
Three Strikes and You're Out! (Lockyer v. Andrade) (January 2003)
Tort Litigation: Accountability Without Causality (July 1992)
Tort Litigation: ConTORTing America (January 1996)
Truth on Trial (August 1995)
U.S. Prisons: Gulags or Country Clubs? (October 1997)
Violent Crime: How States Can Fight It (October 1993)
What to Do With Billy Bulger (April 2003)

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