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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Middle Eastern > Culture of Conflict"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
The Syrian Civil War (October 2013)
Egypt and the Arab Spring (September 2013)
The Syrian Crisis (September 2012)
Cooler Days for Arab Spring (September 2011)
Libyan Crisis Exposes Other Faults (May 2011)
The Aftermath of Iraq (August 2003)
A New Kind of War (March 2002)
The Mideast After the Gulf War (April 1992)

Select Essays
“Responsibility to Protect” Doctrine Puts Dictators on Notice (January 2012)
Afghan Maternal Mortality Rate High (February 2009)
Afghanistan: A River of Heroin (February 2000)
Afghanistan: How Does it Stand Now? (July 2003)
Afghanistan: Regional Repercussions of the Mujahideen Takeover in Kabul (December 1992)
Afghanistan: The Grave of Great Powers (February 2011)
Al Jazeera (April 2007)
Al Qaeda Still Intent on Provoking War (October 2011)
Arab “Youth Bulge” Drives Protests (May 2011)
Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya (October 2012)
Beware the Arab Spring (January 2012)
Children Recruited for Suicide Bombings (April 2006)
Dealing with Iraq (April 1991)
Distrust Imperils Afghanistan (April 2012)
Drugs and Islam (December 2007)
Economic Reforms Must Include Popular Voice (May 2011)
Europeans Dither but China and India Demonstrate Readiness (May 2011)
From the Caliphate to Khomeini (December 1988)
Gunmen Lurk Near Afghan Outposts (November 2009)
Iran: Globalization Here to Stay (September 2010)
Iran: Keeping Their Nuclear Aspirations (December 2010)
Iran’s Ambitions Challenge Non-proliferation Accords (June 2010)
Islam's Impact on Arab Politics (February 1990)
Islam: Interrupting a History of Tolerance – Part I (September 2007)
Islam: Interrupting a History of Tolerance – Part II (September 2007)
Islamic Extremism's Roots (July 1999)
Islamism's Failure (November 2002)
Israel and Iran at Dangerous Crossroads (June 2012)
Jihad: No Excuse for Terrorism (March 1986)
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Global Jihad (October 2011)
Lebanon Heading for Failed State Status (September 2012)
Middle Eastern Water Wars (December 1998)
Muslim World's Take on Terrorism (January 2002)
North Korean Missile Could Threaten USA (January 2012)
Opium, Afghanistan's Other War: Part I (October 2007)
Opium, Afghanistan's Other War: Part II (October 2007)
Opium, Afghanistan's Other War: Part III (October 2007)
Osama bin Laden's Forerunner (June 2002)
Our Responsibility to Protect to Syria (April 2012)
Pakistan's Extremists: Rule of Law May Counteract (May 2009)
Pakistan’s Taliban Nightmare (October 2012)
Poets Arrested and Held in Iran (September 2012)
Pressure Inadequate: Funding Rebels Discussed (May 2011)
Saudi Arabia: Terror Exporter? (April 2003)
Shirin Ebadi: ‘I Feared I Could Be Killed in the Mayhem’ (February 2009)
Solving Afghanistan: Elephant in the Room is Indo-Pakistan Rivalry (March 2010)
Syrian Elections a “Farce” (June 2012)
Terrorism in the Name of God (October 2002)
Terrorism: Causes, Threats, Prospects (September 2003)
The 21st Century Arab Awakening? (March 2011)
The Challenge to Mecca (January 1988)
The Logic and Limits of Nonviolent Conflict (February 2012)
Training Afghan Narcotics Officers (November 2007)
Violent Repression Provoked in Libya (March 2011)
Wahhabis and Khomeinists: The Danger (March 2006)
Watchdog Reveals Iran’s Nuclear Arms Work (December 2011)
Why Arabs Are Anti-U.S. (January 2005)

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