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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Middle Eastern > The Grip of Tradition"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Arab World Transforms (March 2011)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
Human Rights in the Post-Cold War World (July 1993)
Islam and the Modern World (February 1991)
The Middle East: Myths and Realities (December 1990)

Select Essays
Afghanistan at the Crossroads (September 2007)
Algeria: Refusing to Melt in Their World (February 1988)
Alternatives to Opium Crop for Afghan Farmers (January 2010)
Ancient Practice of Female Genital Mutilation Still a Threat to Iraqi Women (January 2006)
Arab Culture and Muslim Stereotypes (May 2008)
Arabian Gateway: In Dubai, Business Is Culture (September 1995)
Can the Kurds Have a Homeland? (August 1999)
Discovery at al-Magar (June 2012)
Egypt: Secular and Religious Forces Pull Egyptian Women (January 2003)
Egypt: The Modern and the Traditional (May 1992)
Gazaís Food Heritage (January 2012)
Globalization, Education, and Citizens of Muslim Heritage (April 2006)
Green Arabia: Continuity and Change in North Yemen (May 1988)
History Through Islamic Eyes (March 2010)
Iran Human Rights in Crisis (March 2007)
Iraq's Religious Conflict (December 2006)
Is Islam to Blame for Freedom Deficit in Middle East? (September 2012)
Islam and the War of Ideas (August 2004)
Islam: Preventing Conflict by Understanding (February 2005)
Islam: Recurring Happiness (January 2000)
Islam: The Essence of the Tradition (November 2003)
Islamic Banking's Advent (December 1997)
Monsters from Mesopotamia (September 2012)
Muslim Engineering Marvels Still Fascinate: The Art and Science of Water (August 2006)
Muslim Fundamentalism a Threat to the West? (November 2008)
Muslim World's Struggles With the Concept of Democracy (May 2005)
On the Path of Persian History: A Journey Through Pre-Islamic Persia (December 2001)
Ottoman Masterpieces: Treasures of the Topkapi (August 2000)
Reputation Is Everything: Honor Killings Among the Palestinians (May 2003)
Role of Religion to Diminish in Post-Revolutionary Middle East? (April 2011)
Saudi Women: The Heart's Direction (March 1991)
Sectarian Divisions Haunt Iraqi Elections (May 2010)
The Emerging Worldís Education Imperative (December 2012)

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