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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Middle Eastern > Prospects for Peace"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Leaving Afghanistan (February 2013)
US Kills Bin Laden (June 2011)
The Kashmir Earthquake Crisis (December 2005)
Is Middle East Peace Possible? (September 2002)
The Middle East: War or Peace? (November 2001)
The Mideast After the Gulf War (April 1992)
The Persian Gulf: A Prescription for Peace (April 1991)
The Arab World and The West (February 1990)
A Palestinian State: Has Its Time Come? (September 1989)
The Middle East: What Lies Ahead? (August 1987)
Syria: Behind the Bid for Regional Dominance (February 1987)
Urbanization and the Arab World (June 1986)

Select Essays
A History of Turkish Media (October 2011)
Afghanistan and Pakistan Each Other’s Best Hope (May 2012)
Arab Spring Comes with Western Arms (June 2011)
Authoritarian Systems Fear Digital Democracy (September 2009)
Back to School in Post-Gaddafi Libya (October 2011)
Can Egypt Become a True Democracy? (March 2011)
Conflict an Arab-Israeli-Iranian Dilemma? (April 2009)
Democracy and the Culture of Hate (April 2006)
Egypt: Islamist Parliament Inevitable ‘But Not Worrying’ (February 2012)
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea: 'In Search of Islamic Feminism' (March 2009)
Ending the Hezbollah-Israel Crisis (September 2006)
Fairness in Covering Mideast Violence (September 2003)
Film Perpetuates the Arab Spring (April 2012)
Gaza's Gordian Knot (April 2009)
Gaza: Demilitarization and Internationalization (February 2009)
Harnessing Religion in the Quest for Peace (March 2005)
How a 'Virtuous' Media Can Promote World Peace (April 2005)
Iran Pursues Global Influence (December 2010)
Iraq and Morocco: 'Participatory Development' Programs Help (February 2006)
Israel's Peace Options: The Gaza Disengagement, the Fence, and the Future (December 2005)
Lebanon: Could it Be Leading a Muslim Renaissance? (October 2005)
Middle East Hatred: Sources of and Solutions (February 2006)
Morsi Could Signal a More Involved Egypt (October 2012)
Multi-Purpose Peace Park Planned to Straddle Jordan River (June 2006)
New Arab Media May Spur Suspicion of the West as They Promote Democracy (April 2005)
New Search for Peace in the Middle East (January 2008)
Non-Theocratic Regimes: Are They Possible? (November 2006)
Pakistani Girls Seek Better Education (April 2009)
Peace and the Palestinian Authority (March 2003)
Peace in Divided Societies: 5 Principles of Emerging Doctrine (October 2004)
Respect for Arab Public Opinion Matters (May 2011)
Role of Religion to Diminish in Post-Revolutionary Middle East? (April 2011)
Saudi Arabia and the 21st Century: 'The Saudi Zig-Zag' (June 2008)
Sussan Tahmasebi: ‘I Want to Present a Different View of the Women in My Country’ (February 2009)
The Middle East: The Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong (September 2002)
Tunisia: Social Media Helps Lift the Silence (November 2011)
Water and Stability in the Persian Gulf (May 2005)
Western-Islamic Cooperation: A New Era of Support for Community Development (November 2004)

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