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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Minority Studies > African-Americans"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Brown V. Board at 50 (May 2004)
Where Is Black America Headed? (February 2003)
Black And Affluent (February 1999)
The Rise--And Fall?--Of Affirmative Action (June 1998)
Black and White America (March 1995)
Racism: Shall We Overcome? (February 1992)
The Future of Black America (January 1990)
The Changing Face of Racism in America (March 1987)

Select Essays
Black America Wakes Up to Black Africa (September 1995)
Black Seminoles of Brackettville, Texas (December 1989)
Blacks in Country Music: Sharing the Stage (February 1998)
Blacks in the New South (July 1996)
Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson: Precursors to the Civil Rights Movement (March 2003)
Civil Rights: King's Dream Still Unrealized (May 1993)
Community Center Brings US Ethiopians Together (September 2011)
Dilemmas of the Black Intellectual (April 1997)
Fair Housing in Baltimore: The People Need Help (September 1996)
First Amendment: The 'Terror' in Cross Burning (Virginia v. Black) (July 2003)
Forgotten Rebels: Blacks Who Served the Confederacy (February 1997)
Frederick Douglass' Life and Legacy: Proud Lion of Baltimore (February 2003)
Malcolm, Martin, and the Black Jeremiadic Cry (July 1993)
Martin Luther King Day: The Fight to be Recognized (January 2009)
Quest for Identity in the Afro-American Novel (July 1990)
Reparations for Slavery?: Let's Resolve the Inequity (April 2000)
Victors, Not Victims (February 1992)
Walter Fauntroy: Civil Rights Superstar (December 2002)
White Civil Rights and Black Affirmative Action: Keeping the Faith (May 1991)
Women Mobilizing for Peace: African-American Responses to African Crises (October 2005)

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