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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Philosophy > About Philosophy"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Edward Wilson: On the Arts and Science (December 2004)
Gifts from the Greeks (February 1994)
Xenophon and the Making of a Political Leader (November 1992)
Human Transformation: The Concept of Self in East and West (August 1989)
Natural Rights (March 1989)
Historical Consciousness and Cultural Continuity (January 1989)
The Hero And Society (February 1988)
The Role of Myth in Culture (July 1987)
Reconsidering Plato (August 1986)

Select Essays
'Making Special': An Undescribed Human Universal and the Core of a Behavior of Art (November 2004)
Beauty: When Is a Woman Beautiful? (October 2006)
Boris Chicherin--Philosopher of Justice (May 1987)
Cosmologies, Ancient and Modern (June 1989)
East and West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science (May 1986)
Epicurus and the Modern Mind (December 1987)
Existentialism, Marxism and Hegelianism: A Reconsideration of Alexandre Kojeve (March 1989)
Gene and the Meme in Human Affairs (November 2004)
Hegel in Italy (August 1992)
Hook, Dewey, and Marx (May 1992)
In Pursuit of Happiness (September 2003)
Newton's Principia in Western History (July 1987)
On Moses Maimonides' 'Letter on Astrology' (June 1987)
Peace in Divided Societies: 5 Principles of Emerging Doctrine (October 2004)
Pytor Struve: From Legal Marxism to Liberal Consevatism (May 1987)
Russell Kirk: Guardian of the Permanent Things (October 1994)
Saint Paul's Homage to Plato (April 2004)
Sidney Hook, an Engaging Philosopher (July 1987)
Thoreau the Reformer (April 1995)
Thus Spake Nietzsche (July 2000)

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