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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Philosophy > Ideas and Applications"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Life Before Death (July 1998)
Advertising and Ethics (September 1996)
Artificial Intelligence: Oxymoron or New Frontier? (July 1995)
Animal Rights and Human Morality (April 1995)
The Ethics of Biotechnology (December 1994)
The Limits of Tolerance (November 1993)
Managing Mortality: The Ethics of Euthanasia (March 1993)

Select Essays
Confusion in the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Controversy (March 2006)
Ernst Bloch's Principle of Hope: Thinking Means Venturing Beyond (February 1989)
Explanation in History (March 2005)
Fallacies of the Postmodern (October 1994)
George Santayana and the Critique of Liberalism (February 1989)
Human Nature's Return (November 1987)
Humanities: Taking them Seriously (December 1987)
Intellectual Freedom: The Perils of Inconsistency (February 1986)
Louisa May Alcott: The Philosopher's Daughter (May 2002)
Mahatma Gandhi's Reincarnation (October 1996)
Moral Status of the Expert in Contemporary Society (August 1989)
On Not Eating Myself (November 2011)
Ontological and Theological Bases of Pluralism (January 1986)
Philosophy and Synoptic Understanding (September 1989)
Rational Authority of Traditions (November 1988)
Right and Wrong in the Real World (November 2006)
Rival Philosophies of the Earth (July 1992)
Salutary Myth of the Otherworld Journey (October 1994)
Santayana on the Role of Religion in Society (March 1994)
Science and Man (February 2005)
Science's Unity With Man (January 2005)
Science, Technology, and Human Ethics (February 1986)
Third Intellectual Revolution: A Call for One of Wisdom (October 2005)
Western Creed: Western Identity (January 1998)
Whither Moral Education? (November 2011)

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