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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Philosophy > Philosophy and Modernity"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
America Today (November 2001)
Morality in the Marketplace (December 1990)
In Search of American Character (May 1990)
Justice and the Public Morality (March 1990)
The Politics of Liberation Theology (May 1988)
The Recovery of Virtue (December 1987)
Neo-Marxism (June 1987)
On Reading Nietzche (May 1987)
Politics And Its Discontents (August 1986)

Select Essays
Albert Camus: Deprived of Grace (June 1989)
Consciousness, Not Work, Sets us Free (December 2010)
Crafting the Philosophy of the Void (September 1987)
Deconstruction: The New Nihilism (April 1992)
Edmund Husserl and the Crisis of Western Science (June 1988)
Ethics and Aesthetics are One (May 2011)
Freedom and Authority (February 1986)
Freedom and Virtue: John Courtney Murray on the Truths We Hold (May 1990)
Global Transformation, Not Globalization (December 2004)
Globalization: Ethical Development and the Social Impact (December 2005)
In the Midst of a Second American Revolution (June 2006)
Interactive Mind in the Participatory Universe (February 1986)
Is Liberalism a Secret Enemy of Religion? (May 2010)
Macroeconomics: Toward a Revolution (August 2003)
Modern Thought: The Return of the Sacred (February 1986)
Nietzsche's Revolution (November 1987)
Philosophy in America Today (February 1986)
Political Philosophy and Modern Religion (February 1987)
Prosperity and Peace: How 'Core Values' Can Be the Basis (December 2005)
Reflections on the Philosophy of Science: The Demise of Justificationism (September 1991)
Sacralizing the Secular: A New Perspective on Modernity (November 1989)
Tyranny of Common Sense (January 2007)
Virtue and Modernity (December 1987)

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