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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Religion > Religion in the Modern World"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Evolving Religions (January 2013)
The Global Persecution of the Faithful (December 2000)
The Feminist Attack on Religion (June 1999)
The Global Reality of Religious Persecution (December 1998)
Religion in the Arts (April 1998)
Advertising and Ethics (September 1996)
Religion and Liberal Society (January 1991)
In Search of American Character (May 1990)
The Politics of Liberation Theology (May 1988)
Religion and Modernity (February 1987)
The Sacred and the Challenge of Modernity (February 1986)

Select Essays
Approaches to Teaching Religion (September 2010)
Assessing Switzerland's Ban on Minarets (January 2010)
Cambridge Ritualists (January 1990)
Capitalism and Christianity: The Complex Ties (February 2006)
Capitalism and Religion: The Case of Japan (February 1987)
Christian Missionaries and Third-World Development (September 2005)
Christianity Without the Cross (May 2004)
Christianity's Resiliency (July 2003)
Christianity: Did It Go Wrong? (January 2004)
Clash of Civilizations and Religion (February 2005)
Cultural Evolution: The Presumption of Reason (April 1986)
Cultural Synthesis and Religion (April 1986)
Defiance: The Crisis of Authority (August 1989)
Europe's Growing Problem with Islam (February 2010)
Evangelicalism's Future (November 1987)
Gnosticism and American Religion (January 1997)
God is a Concept ... (September 2009)
Harnessing Religion in the Quest for Peace (March 2005)
Hollywood and Religion: The Search for the Spiritual in Recent Cinema (April 1999)
How Western Anti-Muslim Bigotry Became 'Respectable' (February 2010)
Invading the Sacred (February 2008)
Is Liberalism a Secret Enemy of Religion? (May 2010)
Islam and the War of Ideas (August 2004)
Islam's Influence and America's Prisons (February 2010)
Islam: Preventing Conflict by Understanding (February 2005)
Liberation Theology and the Crisis in Western Theology (May 1988)
Liberation Theology: Continuity or Change? (May 1988)
Media: How It Misses the Religion Story (September 2004)
Muslim Popular Culture Rising in Indonesia (May 2010)
Muslim World's Struggles With the Concept of Democracy (May 2005)
New Fundamentalism: Rebirth of Political Religion in America (September 1986)
Non-Theocratic Regimes: Are They Possible? (November 2006)
Pray, Cry, Leave: The Plight of Levant Christians (January 2011)
Protestant Perspectives on Church and State (January 1991)
Protestantism and the Founders (February 1989)
Religion in Modern America (November 1986)
Religious Freedom as a Way to World Peace (February 2006)
Religious Renaissance in European Politics (December 2007)
Religious Tolerance vs. Muslim Rage (May 2006)
Rev. Louis Sheldon: A Pulpit in Politics (January 2000)
Science and Religion: The Division of the World (November 2000)
The Samaritans: Guardians of the Law (February 2011)
Veil Ban Recommended in France (April 2010)

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