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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Religion > World Religions"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
An 'Acceptable' Prejudice? (February 2010)
The Cross and Crescent in Today's World (July 2003)
Fathers of Faith (September 1999)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
Islam and the Modern World (February 1991)
The Arab World and The West (February 1990)
Urbanization and the Arab World (June 1986)

Select Essays
Africa: Religion as an Agent of Development in Tribal Societies (January 1986)
African Islamism, From Below (December 2003)
All Religions Agree on Fighting Hunger (March 2010)
Avignon's 'Odd Couple': The Popes and Jews of Medieval Provence (April 2005)
Ayurveda: India's Life Science (February 1988)
Bhutan's Emphasis on Expanding 'Gross National Happiness' (March 2005)
Bnei Menashe of India Confirmed as One of the 'Lost' Tribes of Israel (September 2005)
Buddhism in Thailand: Merit and Magic (April 1998)
Buddhism: Mongolia Rediscovers Its Heritage (May 1996)
Buddhism: Tales of Kobo Daishi (January 1991)
Buddhism: Thai Monks Launch Into Cyberspace (December 2000)
Buddhist Concepts of Personal Growth: Losing and Gaining a Self (August 1989)
Buddhist View of Human Salvation (March 1986)
Catholic-Jewish Accord: A Hopeful Omen (February 1986)
Catholicism: 'Inculturation' Crisis in India (March 1988)
Catholicism: Sex, Lies, and Vaticangate (December 2002)
Catholicism: Understanding Pope Benedict XVI's Commentary on Islam (November 2006)
Christianity and Judaism: Two Faiths Talking About Different Things (November 1987)
Confucian Approach to Reconciliation and Harmony (September 2005)
Confucian Family Values: Lessons for the West (November 1990)
Confucianism's Revival In China (March 2000)
Confucius Resurrected in China (October 2005)
Dalai Lama's Global Journey (March 2009)
Ersatz Marxist Solutions for 'Oppressed Peoples' (January 2010)
Evil Eye Exorcism in Istanbul (April 2006)
Falasha of Ethiopia (December 1987)
Indonesia's Religious Coexistence (November 1988)
Irmandade da Boa Morte: Brazil's Sisterhood of Our Lady of the Good Death (November 1990)
Islam and the Qur'an (September 2002)
Islam, Other Religions, and the Future of the World (February 1991)
Islam: Death and Afterlife in the Qur'an, Part One (September 2002)
Islam: Death and Afterlife in the Qur'an, Part Two (October 2002)
Islam: Observing Ramadan (September 2010)
Islam: Peacefulness is at Its Core (June 2005)
Islam: Splits in the Community of Believers (October 2002)
Islam: Submission to Allah (September 2002)
Islam: The Hadiths and Sunna (October 2002)
Jewish Perspective on Church and State (January 1991)
Kurukshetra: Hinduism's Battleground (February 1995)
Legacy of the Apostle Thomas in South India (December 2012)
Mahatma Gandhi's Reincarnation (October 1996)
Mevlevis Dance to an Old World Song (May 1994)
Mongolian Religious Revival: Return of the Light (February 1992)
Muslims and Jews: Archaeology and Israel's Right to Be (May 2004)
Muslims Need to Stress Social Peace More Than Religious or Cultural Chauvinism (November 2005)
Mysticism in Iceland (February 1991)
Mysticism of the Sufis: A Possible Counterweight to Radical Islamism? (December 2005)
Orthodox Judaism: How Jewish a State? (May 1998)
Quakers in America: Legacy of Light (August 2003)
Santeria: A Secretive Afro-Cuban Religion (November 1989)
Shintoism's Vitality in Japan (July 1987)
Shintoism: The Root of Japanese Culture (January 1986)
Sufism: The Path of Love (July 2003)
The Philippines: Baby Boom or Bust? (November 2012)
The Spear of Christ (April 2010)
Tibetan Monastic Universities: Education Preserves a Culture in Exile (April 1988)
Yoruba Sacrifice: The Wisdom of Offering (January 1986)
Zionism and Judaism (January 1988)
Zoroastrians (April 1986)

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