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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. Social Policy > Healthcare"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Caring for the Patient (October 2007)
Childhood Obesity (October 2006)
Health Care Crisis (June 2006)
The Medicare Challenge (March 1999)
Health Care in America: Is There a Cure? (June 1992)
Health Care: It's Not What It Used To Be (August 1990)

Select Essays
A Consumer Choice Health System (June 1992)
A Sense of Limits in Health Care (October 1995)
Abortion: Does Access Protect Women's Health? (June 2004)
Alcohol Abuse: Alleviating a Drug Scourge (April 2005)
Assisted Dying: Death and the Law (May 2003)
Assisted Dying: Grand Larceny and Attempted Murder by Supposed Caregivers (January 2003)
Assisted Dying: Why The Government Has an Interest in Preserving Life (May 2003)
Congress and Prescription Drugs: It Is Time to Get Involved (March 2003)
Congress and Prescription Drugs: Quick Fixes Are Toxins (March 2003)
Counting Pneumonia's Deadly Toll (October 2009)
Free-Market Medicine for Health Care (September 1996)
Going Overseas for Medical Help (June 2010)
Government Should Aid Public Health, Not Meddle in Personal Health Issues (May 2005)
Health Care Behind Bars (October 2006)
Health Care Economics Questioned (September 2009)
Health Care's Hidden Costs (March 1994)
Health IRAs Can Make the Difference (August 1994)
How to Exit the Health-Care Quicksand (September 2004)
Medical Care in Rural America (June 1991)
Medicare Fraud: Public-Health Enemy No. 1 (August 1997)
Medicare Sky Is Not Falling (March 2005)
Now's the Time for Universal Health Care (January 1994)
Oregon's Health Care Plan: An Idea Well Worth Trying (January 1993)
Oregon's Health Care Plan: Just Another Medicaid Cutback (January 1993)
Pandemic's Workshop: Vaccine, Policy, and Costs (January 2010)
Reform: A Better Health-Care System (April 1999)
Reform: Clinton's Health Care Prescription (December 1993)
Reform: The President's Proposal (June 1992)
Religion: The Forgotten Factor in Health Care (February 1996)
The Doctor Will 'Virtually' See You Now (July 2000)
U.S. Aims for AIDS-Free Generation Amid Funding Cuts (September 2012)
Understanding the U.S. Health Care Crisis (October 2009)
What's Missing From the Medical Reform Debates? (October 1995)
What's Wrong with Managed Care and How to Fix It (February 2000)

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