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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. Foreign Policy & Homeland Security > Our Changing Era"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Early Impact on Foreign Affairs (May 2009)
A New Agenda for the New President (January 2001)
Clinton's World (September 1999)
Time to End U.S. Foreign Aid? (June 1997)
A U.S. Strategy for the Unpredictable Nineties (January 1990)
The New George H. W. Bush Administration: What Is To Be Done? (January 1989)
U.S. Foreign Policy in the Age of Gorbachev (June 1988)
Assessing the Reagan Era (January 1987)
The War Over Star Wars (June 1986)

Select Essays
A New World System Will Emerge (December 2011)
Al Qaeda Recruits Online: Perverting Cyberspace (February 2010)
American Foreign Policy Tradition: Inspiration for Troubled Times (April 2004)
Blogs, Rumors, and Armchair Warriors (May 2010)
Bush 41 and Congress: Partisanship in Foreign Policy (March 1991)
Bush and Gore: A Consensus on Global Leadership (October 2000)
Bush Doctrine: The Causes and Costs (January 2003)
Candidates on Space Travel (October 2012)
Climate Action Going Local After Copenhagen (March 2010)
Clinton's Foreign Policy: A World of Troubles (September 1999)
Clinton's Foreign Policy: Pax Clintonia (July 2001)
Clinton's Foreign Policy: Uncertain Trumpet (December 1993)
Economic Sanctions: Do They Make Good Policy? (March 1999)
Energy, U.S. National Security, and the Mideast (June 2005)
European Union: Ally, Competitor, or ... ? (April 2001)
Foreign Aid and The Poor: Will Greater Aid Help? (December 2006)
Foreign Policy Crisis of the West (April 1988)
Future Generations Unable to Live Like Today’s Americans (October 2011)
Gorbachev's Revolution (January 1991)
Henry Kissinger and the Whirl of Detente (September 1986)
Iran's Qom Revelation May Provide Opportunity (November 2009)
Iran-Contra Affair: What Was Broken and What Was Not? (November 1987)
Media's Effect on Foreign Policy? (January 1994)
Muslim Brotherhood Bloggers Could Be Washington's New Hope (January 2009)
Nixon's Other Face: Janus in the White House (June 1987)
Politics Over Economics: Thinking About Trade and Industry (October 1989)
Post-9/11: America At War (November 2001)
Post-9/11: Exporting Civil Society (July 2003)
Pressure Inadequate: Funding Rebels Discussed (May 2011)
Private Intervention in Foreign Policy (July 1987)
Reagan and Congress: How They Can Forge a Bipartisan Foreign Policy (June 1987)
Reagan and Congress: How to Destroy Foreign Policy in 535 Different Ways (May 1986)
Russia Snared by Cold War Thinking (December 2010)
U.S. Learns Leasons From Somalia (March 1994)
Unilateral Sanctions Undermine U.S. Interests (December 1998)

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