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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. Foreign Policy & Homeland Security > Defense & Security"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Stopping the Spread of Nuclear Weapons (March 2010)
Using Technology to Buttress Homeland Security (November 2004)
Protecting the American Homeland (October 2002)
Defending America After September 11 (June 2002)
A New Kind of War (March 2002)
Terrorism: A New Kind of War (December 2001)
Our (Dis)Armed Forces? (July 1997)
America's Defense: How Much Is Enough Now? (April 1990)
Separation of Powers and National Security (August 1987)

Select Essays
“Responsibility to Protect” Doctrine Puts Dictators on Notice (January 2012)
Al Qaeda Still Intent on Provoking War (October 2011)
America's Quietly Consummated Missile Defense System (April 2005)
Clinton's Lost Chance to Catch Bin Laden (August 2004)
Dealing With Nuclear North Korea (February 2011)
Defeating Terrorism Through Engagement (October 2004)
Defusing Dangers to U.S. Security (January 2003)
Dilemma Behind Dealing With Terror Central (February 2009)
Espionage in the American Tradition (November 1986)
Facing Up to the Threat of Bioterrorism (October 2002)
Fighting Terrorism Wirelessly (January 2005)
Focusing on What Matters in the War on Terrorism (December 2004)
Foreign Policy Challenges Accompany Missile Defense Changes (October 2009)
How to Halt Nuclear Proliferation (March 2010)
Important Battle in a Broader War (February 2010)
Intelligence Failures of 9/11: What the Lessons of History Show (December 2002)
Iran’s Ambitions Challenge Non-proliferation Accords (June 2010)
Iraq's Complicity in Terrorism (June 2004)
Keeping the Nuclear Genie in the Bottle (March 2011)
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Global Jihad (October 2011)
Less is More: Time to Reconsider America’s Role (September 2010)
Narcoterrorism as a Threat to International Security (December 2001)
National Missile Defense: The Fight to Create the System (July 1999)
National Missile Defense: The Folly of 'Star Wars' II (August 1999)
NORAD: Watchdog of the Skies (August 2002)
North Korea Selling Nuclear Technology to Syria (June 2010)
North Korean Missile Could Threaten USA (January 2012)
Nuclear Power Game in Asia (September 2010)
Nuclear Weapons: Can We Stop The Spread? (March 2010)
Obama's Afghan Gamble (January 2010)
Pakistan and the Bomb (April 2011)
Piracy and Protecting the Global Commons (May 2009)
Securing the Homeland and Its Cost (August 2003)
Solving Afghanistan: Elephant in the Room is Indo-Pakistan Rivalry (March 2010)
Special Forces and the Campaign Against Terror (March 2004)
Spying and Security in the '90s (August 1997)
Strategic Need for a Peace-Building Military (October 2005)
Streamlining Congressional Oversight of the CIA (June 1991)
Taking the High Ground: The U.S. Military Marches Into Space (May 2002)
Tears and Fears for Pakistan: Part One (October 2010)
Tears and Fears for Pakistan: Part Two (October 2010)
Terrorism: America's Intelligence Failures (December 2004)
Terrorism: Analyzing al Qaeda and Protecting America (May 2004)
Terrorism: The Grand Strategy to Protect the U.S. (August 2004)
Threat Reduction Requires Cooperation and Commitment, (November 2009)
Time for a Change in U.S. Intelligence?: Tinkering Is Dangerous, Unnecessary (July 1992)
Time for a Change in U.S. Intelligence?: World Changes Call for New Structure (July 1992)
Transforming the U.S. Military: From Rhetoric to Strategic Effectiveness (August 2001)
Violence Does Not Deter U.S. Civilians (November 2009)
War on Terror and America: Civilization's Reluctant Warrior (January 2002)
War on Terror: A Colder War (July 2002)

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