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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. Foreign Policy & Homeland Security > International Relations"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Obama Tours Asia (December 2009)
Foreign Policy for the Next President (December 2008)
Foreign Aid Solutions (December 2006)
'Winning' in Iraq (January 2006)
Education: The Key to Global Development (June 2003)
America: The World's Policeman? (April 1993)

Select Essays
A Farewell to Nuclear Arms (November 2011)
American Foreign Policy Tradition: Inspiration for Troubled Times (April 2004)
Asia Watches Diplomatic Dance (March 2011)
Assange Asylum Raises South America’s Ire (November 2012)
Brazil’s Future May Have Arrived (May 2010)
Byron Blake: A Negotiator’s Negotiator (April 2010)
China's Made-in-America Success Story (October 2012)
Climate Change: More Carrot, Less Stick, Needed in Fight (December 2009)
Cosmic War Tactics (June 2009)
Decline of U.S. Aid to the World's Poorest Countries (December 2005)
Development is a Discipline (February 2010)
Effects of U.S. Withdrawal on Afghans (May 2012)
Emerging Powers Fail to Lead (May 2011)
Ethnological Revolution is Coming (March 2005)
EU Expansion Reshapes Future of Europe (August 2004)
EU: Mistrust Undermines its Future (June 2010)
Europe's Special Military Skills Can Provide It Influence in U.S (September 2004)
Europeans Dither but China and India Demonstrate Readiness (May 2011)
Fight to Save Aid from Budget Cuts (November 2011)
Foreign Debt and the Limits of US Power (April 2011)
Foreign Policy and Intellectuals: From John King Fairbanks to Paul Wolfowitz (February 2004)
G-20's Uncertain Roadmap (May 2009)
G2 of China and the US Haunts Europe (December 2009)
G20 Summit: The World is Adrift (January 2011)
Gaps Remain Between Netanyahu and Obama (April 2012)
GATT's Brave New World (May 1994)
Hillary’s Kissinger Moment (September 2010)
India May Join Non-Proliferation Struggle (March 2010)
India’s Hostage Parliament (October 2012)
International Broadcasting: The Voices of America (November 1993)
Iran Pursues Global Influence (December 2010)
Iran: Keeping Their Nuclear Aspirations (December 2010)
Iraq and Vietnam: The Same Old Song (March 2005)
Is NATO Becoming Irrelevant? (May 2012)
Israel and Iran at Dangerous Crossroads (June 2012)
Japan-Turkey: 'The Problem is, We Have No Problems' (January 2010)
Landmine Bans in the American Century (February 2005)
Latin America: A Hands-on Approach (April 2004)
Latin Americans and Obama: Disappointment May Yield to Distrust (February 2011)
Legitimating U.S. Behavior in the World (February 2005)
Lessons Obama Can Learn from the Wily North Korean (January 2009)
Lessons Rebuilding Failed States (October 2009)
Listening and Consulting Gains Friends (December 2009)
Middle East Hatred: Sources of and Solutions (February 2006)
Mideast Peace Can't Be Coerced or Bought With Bribes (October 2005)
Moving Beyond Symbolism to Substance? (March 2011)
NATO’s Libyan Lessons (April 2012)
Nuclear Power Game in Asia (September 2010)
Nuclear Shadow Falls Over Turkey (February 2010)
Obama Faces Equally Unpleasant Alternatives (May 2009)
Obama Needs to Engage With Europe (April 2010)
Obama's Globalism Losing Public Support (January 2010)
Outsourcing America (January 2004)
Pakistan and the U.S.: An Uneasy Alliance (December 2005)
Parallels Between Iraq and America's 1899 War in the Philippines (September 2004)
Pressure Inadequate: Funding Rebels Discussed (May 2011)
Rebuilding Iraq: Despite Disarray, Immense U.S. Effort Picks Up Speed (October 2004)
Relations with China Increasingly Significant (November 2010)
Russia: Putin’s Return May Strain Relations with West (November 2011)
Small Nation Torn Over Foreign Ties (May 2010)
Solving Afghanistan: Elephant in the Room is Indo-Pakistan Rivalry (March 2010)
Summit of the Americas (March 2004)
Syrian Elections a “Farce” (June 2012)
The “Trilemma” of World Economy (June 2010)
The Walls of August (September 2011)
Trade 'Rape' of the Developing World (September 2004)
Turkish-U.S. Relationship: Why It's Important (September 1997)
U.S. 'Harassment' of Venezuela's Leftist Chavez (May 2005)
U.S. and the UN: Uneasy Partners (September 2001)
U.S. Leadership's Importance (June 1994)
U.S. Needs New Policies Toward Cambodia (March 1990)
U.S. Power Is Mounting Throughout the Greater Mideast (June 2005)
U.S., China, India: A Plague on All Houses (June 2012)
U.S.-China Duopoly, 'Chimerica,' is a Pipedream (September 2009)
Understanding Islam in a Post-September 11 World (April 2006)
United Nations Security Council Reform: A Comment on the South African Position (October 2004)
United Nations: Can It Do the Job? (April 1993)
United Nations: Imagine a World Without It (August 1987)
US Grants Help Chinese “G,” not NGOs (May 2012)
US Takes Step Away From Being a Global Power? (May 2012)
Using American Force Bears Fruit (December 1986)
Violent Repression Provoked in Libya (March 2011)
War on Terror and America: Civilization's Reluctant Warrior (January 2002)
Western-Islamic Cooperation: A New Era of Support for Community Development (November 2004)
What Drives the Iraq Insurgency (September 2004)
Why Arabs Are Anti-U.S. (January 2005)
Why Asia Matters for US Economy (September 2011)
Why They Hate America (August 2005)

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