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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. History > American Frontiers"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Select Essays
Baltimore and Ohio: The 175th Anniversary of America's First Railroad (July 2003)
Battle at Big Hole 125th Anniversary (August 2002)
Big Business' Rise in America (March 1988)
Boom and Bust: New Mexico's Ghost Towns (October 1991)
Buffalo Soldiers: Ferment on the Frontier (February 1998)
California's Old Spanish Missions (March 2001)
California: America's Golden Dream (January 2003)
Chinese in America (January 1987)
Contours of Black Reconstruction (June 1986)
Custer's Glory in Terrible End (December 2008)
Degringolade in Dixie (June 1986)
Diversity in America: The Melting Pot (September 2001)
Gifts of the Pennsylvania Dutch (November 1988)
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Author of 'The Little Book That Made the Big War' (November 2005)
In Search of American Character: A Literary Quest (October 1992)
Irish Way of Becoming American (January 1986)
Johnny Appleseed: Sower of Tales (August 2001)
Kissing Sitting Bull: A Prussian Pioneer on America's Last Frontier (July 1991)
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Lady of the Prairie (August 1999)
Michigan's Calvinist Schools (December 1987)
Minorities in America: 'Returning' to the United States (September 1988)
Mother Lode Melting Pot (March 1986)
Multicultural Enclaves in Southeastern Kentucky (October 2005)
National Road: Exploring America's Original Main Street (June 1997)
Native Americans: Trespassing on First Nations' Spirituality (June 2002)
Noting Black Civil War Heroes and the Injustices They Faced (April 2005)
Our Heroine Bad-Girl: The Life and Legend of Calamity Jane (April 2003)
Outdoor Relief in Philadelphia, 1800-1854 (April 1986)
Pioneers: A Home on the Range (September 1990)
Point of Entry: Baltimore, the Other Ellis Island (April 1999)
Pony Express: 'Orphans Wanted' (January 2004)
Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches (May 2005)
Slovenian Heritage in America (March 1990)
Sojourner Truth: Itinerant Truth-Teller (March 2000)
Steel: The Twentieth-Century Metal (February 1987)
True Stories From the Frontier West (April 2006)
Van Wyck Brooks: The Historian as Artist (September 1988)
Warm Wooden Spans: Covered Bridges of Ohio (May 2003)
West Virginia: The Midland Trail - Historic Route 60 (May 2000)
William Sidney Mount: The Way We Were (November 1998)
Women's Rights on the Western Frontier (March 2003)

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