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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. History > Building the Nation"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Select Essays
America's Birth at Appomattox (May 1999)
Civil War: Battlefield Corpses Were Treated With Respect (April 2005)
Civil War: Ghosts of Fathers of the Past (April 2008)
Disproving Many Historical 'Facts' (June 2008)
Emily Morgan: Goddess of Texas Freedom (June 1999)
Erie Canal: Constructing the Waterway That Changed America (November 2005)
Frederick Douglass' Life and Legacy: Proud Lion of Baltimore (February 2003)
Frederick Douglass: Critical Points in His Life (February 2007)
Harry S. Truman: The Extraordinary Ordinary Man (May 1999)
Hawley-Smoot: The Legacy (January 2002)
Hoover: An Uncommon Man Brought Down by the Great Depression (March 2001)
In the Footsteps of Lincoln: Part I, The Kentucky Years (February 2001)
In the Footsteps of Lincoln: Part II, The Indiana Years (April 2001)
In the Footsteps of Lincoln: The Illinois Years (February 2002)
Indians, Real and Wooden (November 1989)
Jackson and the 'Savages' of America (December 2001)
Jacksonian Democracy Rooted in Frontier Meritocracy (June 2009)
Jacksonian Revolution (January 1988)
Lewis and Clark Expedition: Pennsylvania's Contribution (October 2003)
Lewis and Clark: The Map They Followed (August 2004)
Lincoln and Douglas: Raucous Debates a Prelude to the Presidency (May 2008)
Lincoln Used Religion to Advance War Aims (March 2007)
Lincoln's Team of Rivals (September 2006)
Lincoln: For the Cause of Father Abraham (March 2001)
Lincoln: Power and Prudence (July 2002)
Lincoln: The First Modern President (May 1996)
Looking at the New Deal: Official Photography of FDR's America (February 1988)
Prohibition Fallacies (November 1987)
Rugged Individualism: Frederick Jackson Turner and the Frontier Thesis (May 1990)
She of Myth and Memory: The Remarkable Legend of Sacagawea (March 2002)
The Great Depression (September 2007)
Theodore Roosevelt: A Man for All Ages (April 1998)
Why Roosevelt Was a Great President (June 2004)
Why the Civil War Was Not Inevitable (April 2007)

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