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Special Reports & Select Essays on "U.S. History > Founding of a Nation"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution (September 1987)

Select Essays
Adam Smith's Genius: Reflections on the Wealth of Nations (July 1993)
American Politics: The First Campaign (March 2008)
Benjamin Franklin and the American Enlightenment (February 1993)
Bernard Bailyn: A Historian's Historian (July 2003)
Civility and Defense (November 1986)
Constitution of the United States Was Not Written by Locke (November 1986)
Constitutional Convention: The Formation of the United States (January 2005)
Constitutional Convention: The Most Momentous Chapter in American History (April 2002)
Constitutional Framers: Not Philosophes, but Aristocrats (January 1988)
Equality: What the Founders Meant (October 1986)
Flag Day Through The Years: A New Constellation (June 1995)
Founders and the 'Superintending Principle' (September 1987)
George Washington's Moral Compass (May 2004)
George Washington: How He Really Won the Revolution (April 2007)
George Washington: Too Good to Be True? (August 1987)
Gunston Hall, Home to the Forgotten Founder (September 2009)
How the French Hindered the American Revolution (January 2006)
Jefferson and Hamilton: Feuding Heroes (December 2000)
John Adams' Influential Constitutional Writings (November 1986)
John Adams: Yankee Patriot (January 2002)
John and Abigail Adams: America's Original 'Power Couple' (June 2009)
John Dickinson: The Story of the Most Influential Dissenter of 1776 (April 2003)
John Quincy Adams: Battler for Liberty (April 1998)
Marshall and Jefferson: Clash of the Kinsmen Still Echoes Today (January 2006)
Marshall and Jefferson: Fear and Loathing in the New Nation (September 2002)
Media: When Tyrannosaurus Press Roamed the States (July 2003)
Ordinary People Were Founding Fathers, Too (August 2007)
Religion and American Democracy (January 1991)
Religion and the American Self (June 1997)
Review: Statesmen of the American Experiment (January 1988)
Samuel Adams: Of a Founder and a Frontiersman (January 2009)
Secret Presidential Oath: Did Madison and Hamilton Hide Its Meaning? (February 2002)
Separation of Powers: To Chain the Dog of War (August 1987)
Should Tom Paine Have Filed With the FEC? (May 1998)
Supreme Court in History and Today (November 2005)
Thomas Jefferson: Engaging his character (July 2000)
Tribe and Scalia on the Constitution: A Third View (April 1999)
Ulysses S. Grant: 'The Unheroic Hero' (July 1999)

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