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Special Reports & Select Essays on "World History and Culture > Influences on the Modern World"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
People and the Environment (September 2014)
Climate Change and Global Policy (December 2013)
Crusade Against Curable Disease (May 2013)
The World's Water (April 2013)
Health and Government (November 2012)
Climate Change Reexamined (May 2012)
Women Taking Action (March 2012)
Fresh Water Our First goal (May 2010)
An Age of Global Pandemics (October 2009)
Global Population May Double (September 2009)
Xenophon and the Making of a Political Leader (November 1992)
Reverberations of the French Revolution (July 1989)
Interpreters of an Uncertain Age (September 1988)
The French Revolution Reconsidered (September 1987)

Select Essays
American Ritual and Holiday: The Mythic Origins (November 1991)
Anglo-American Prosperity (March 2008)
Capital Gains (June 1986)
Capitalism and the Third Industrial Revolution (November 1991)
Darwin's Origin Transforms Culture (August 1999)
Epicurus and the Modern Mind (December 1987)
Evolution: Fact and Theory (January 1996)
French Revolution and Latin America (July 1989)
G.B. Shaw: Creative Evolutionist (March 2004)
Global Populations: Booms and Declines (May 2009)
Hegel in Italy (August 1992)
Henry David Thoreau and Transcendental Reformation (January 2009)
History and Historians: 2,500 Years (September 2008)
Hobbes and the Dilemma of the Modern State (March 1989)
Human Trafficking Casts Shadow on Globalization (January 2009)
Hume's Criticism of Natural Rights: Taking Virtue Seriously (March 1989)
Karl Popper on Plato: An Ancient Debate Revived (August 1986)
Misusing Archaeology and Manipulating History: Dubious Interpretations Promote Present Goals (May 2000)
Newton's Principia in Western History (July 1987)
Nietzsche and Nihilism: The Crisis of the Modern World (May 1987)
Nietzsche: The Philosopher and His Shadow (May 1998)
Otto Gierke, the Corporate Person, and Natural Right (March 1989)
Renewing the Renaissance and Its Literature (December 1998)
Rethinking the Renaissance Origins of Modernity (March 1989)
Roman Empire and the Future of America: Empire Without End? (February 2002)
Saint Nicholas in Christian and Muslim Lands (December 1993)
Scientific Blunders and the Scopes Trial (June 1989)
Taking Measure of West's Decline (March 2009)
Thomas Hobbes: The Morality of Natural Reason (March 1989)
Western Culture's Reception in the Orient (March 1986)

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