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Special Reports & Select Essays on "World History and Culture > Spread of Civilization"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
When Worlds Collide: Spain, Columbus and the New World (December 1991)

Select Essays
1492, The Pivotal Year (November 2006)
Africa: Religion as an Agent of Development in Tribal Societies (January 1986)
Alchemy: The Roots of Chemistry (May 1988)
Anthropologists and the Rise of a Global Civilization: Traditional Cultures and Culture Change (January 1986)
Archaeology in Rural Iceland: Through Dirt to the Past (November 2003)
Art of the First Cities: Civilization's Cradle (September 2003)
Astronomy: Gazing at the Sky Loom (October 1992)
Aztecs: The Unwritten Calendar (July 1986)
Beer: The Middle Eastern Origins (November 2001)
Bread: The Staff of Life (December 1986)
Cosmologies, Ancient and Modern (June 1989)
Cosmopolitan Tunisia: Muslim Democracy Has a 3,000-Year History (May 2005)
Cuneiform Tablets and the Origins of Writing (April 1998)
Discovery of the World: A Korean Perspective (January 2009)
Elixir of Life (November 2001)
European Languages: The Origins and Evolution (May 1989)
Gears: Putting Civilization in Gear (February 1986)
Glass: 3,500 Years of Form and Decoration (December 1986)
Greek Civilization: The Discovery (August 1988)
Hunter-Gatherers: The Beginning of the End (May 2009)
I, Marble Maiden (January 2009)
I, Obelisk (December 2007)
Lycians: Splendid Ruins of an Excellent Republic (November 2007)
Modern Human Behavior: Researchers Find Earliest Evidence (March 2008)
Money: The Origins and Varieties of Common Currency (November 1998)
Mother Corn: Native America's Legendary Staff of Life (November 1991)
Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology (February 1994)
Philosophy and Religion in Greek and Egyptian Art (February 1994)
Pre-Columbian Explorers: History's Ignored Travelers (February 2003)
Rewriting American Prehistory: 'Clovis First' Theory Defeated (September 2012)
Salamanca's Intellectual Heritage: City of Knowledge (October 2002)
Two Thousand Years of East Meeting West (December 1988)
Xenophon's World (November 1992)

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