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Special Reports & Select Essays on "World History and Culture > Treasures of Culture"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Creation Myths of the Middle East (November 2001)
The Drama of Public Squares (May 1995)
The Role of Myth in Culture (July 1987)

Select Essays
Ancient Luxuries of Pompeii (January 2009)
Antwerp: A Cultural Capital (August 1993)
Archaeology: A New Law for Old Shipwrecks (September 1991)
Baghdad in the Arab Cultural Imagination (July 1991)
Berserks and Heathens: Reviving Slavic Martial Arts in Russia (June 1994)
Breathtaking Urban Treasures of the World (March 2005)
British Museum at 250 (December 2003)
Capturing History: Listening to Oral Narratives in Yemen (January 2002)
Central Asia's Turkomans: In Blood Red (February 1997)
Central Asian Clothing: Nineteenth-Century Silk and Leather (February 2006)
Centuries of Silk: Sericulture in Como, Italy (December 2002)
Cultural Interchange Between Medieval Eastern and Western Architecture (June 1986)
Dancing the Silk Road (July 2002)
Epic Finnish Poem: The Living Kalevala (November 1987)
Falconers: The Eagle Hunters (January 2007)
Forest of Circassia's Myths (December 1989)
Forgotten Indiana Jones: From Ancient Mesopotamia to Hollywood (August 2000)
Forgotten Shakespeare: Western Companies Ignore Feudal Origins (July 1999)
Ireland: Ancient Celtic Creatures (June 2000)
Islamic City and Modernity (August 1987)
Japanese Art: Brilliant Enamel Work (September 1987)
Magyar Folktales' Peasant Wit (June 1987)
Malta's Masterpieces: The Ancient City of Valletta (January 2001)
Necktie in History and Haberdashery (April 1986)
Nicholas Roerich: Seeking Truth Through Art (March 1986)
Oberammergau's Easter Play: Passion 2000 (April 2000)
Oriental Silk Road: From Beijing to Bukhara (April 2002)
Prometheus Among the Circassians (March 1989)
Reindeer Season (December 1991)
Saadi of Shiraz: The 13th Century Persian Poet of Compassionate Wisdom (June 2009)
Sana'a: Profile of a Changing City (November 1986)
Shiva: The Mysterious God (September 1986)
Silk Road Oasis Town, Now Vanished in Sand, Flourished for Eight Centuries (June 2005)
South India's Temples and Palaces (May 1986)
Strasbourg: The City of Roads (January 2003)
Turkmenistan on a Plate (October 2007)
Uncovering Yenikapi (February 2009)
Uzbekistan: Along the Silk Road (April 1996)
Véfrétt Völu: The Oracle of the Vala (February 1990)
Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project (April 2002)

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