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Trends in temperatures from the top millimeter of the land or sea surface in Antarctica from 1982 to 2004 / Picture by NASA
Climate Change
Climate Change is a volatile subject. The Earth’s climate undoubtedly goes through cycles, alternating between glacial and interglacial periods, but could these transitions be triggered or interrupted by human activity? Could ozone depletion or the accumulation of greenhouse gases truly have a serious impact on the Earth’s climate? In what ways do climates change over time? How would climate change affect the livability of our environment? These articles discuss the pressing questions surrounding the issue of Climate Change from a variety of perspectives.
Coral Reefs: One of Earth’s Most Diverse Ecosystems (2016)
Get the Facts: How Climate Change Can Affect Your Health (2016)
COP21: China Prepares to Act on Climate Change (2016)
Studies: Climate Change a Factor in Disasters in Syria, California (2015)
OPINION: Planet Racing Towards Catastrophe and Politics Just Looking On (2014)
Analysis of Climate Change in Proposed Social Studies Textbooks for Texas Public Schools (2014)
Churches at the Frontline of Climate Action (2014)
Charting a Course for Survival, or Oblivion? (2014)
Preserving Life in Cuba for When the Climate Changes (2014)
Biochar Could 'Turn Back Clock' on Climate (2013)
Cutting Specific Atmospheric Pollutants Would Slow Sea Level Rise (2013)
Lightning's NOx-ious Impacts (2009)
Five Ecodespoiled Nations (1997)
Creeping Environmental Problems (1994)
Report on Planet Earth: A 50-Year Retrospective for A.D. 2042 (1992)
Global Environmental Threats (1990)
Global Climate Cycles
Oceans: The Secret Factor in Climate Control (2004)
Cycles Make the World Go Round (1997)
Ocean Biology and Global Climate (1990)
What Started the Ice Age? (1989)
Greenhouse Gases
Earth Week: In A Drought, Which Trees Risk Death?
U.S. Scientists Launch Wake-Up Campaign on Climate Change (2014)
Chemistry for Greenhouse Gases (2011)
Arctic Shelf Leaks Greenhouse Gas (2010)
Heated Debate Over a Hot Theory (2001)
Human Activities Will Warm Surface Temperatures by 2*F by 2050: No! (1997)
Human Activities Will Warm Surface Temperatures 2*F by 2050: Yes! (1997)
Global Climate Change: Fact and Fiction (1991)
Jumping on the 'Greenhouse' Bandwagon (1991)
Cooling the Global Greenhouse? (1991)
Carbon Dioxide and Future Climate (1988)
Warming World Promises More Refugees (2016)
NASA, NOAA Find 2014 Warmest Year in Modern Record (2015)
NASA Study Finds Earth’s Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed (2014)
Global Temperatures in 2013 Fourth Warmest on Record (2014)
2013 is Seventh Hottest Year, Rising Seas Worsen Typhoon (2013)
Canada Losing its Seasons (2013)
Droughts Push Trees to the Limit (2012)
Climate Change Threatens Future of Western Hemisphere’s Mammals (2012)
Cold-Weather Habitats Most Vulnerable to Climate Change (2012)
Global Warming Threatens Amazon Turtles (2012)
Global Warming? Coldest Winter in 50 Years (2010)
Discoveries Highlight Danger to Australian Reefs (2008)
The Science Is In (2008)
Scientists Respond to Warnings of Climate Catastrophe (2006)
Global Warming Threatening Delicate Coral Reefs (2006)
Is the Climate 'Hockey Stick' Broken? (2005)
Global Warming Coverage Melts Down (2001)
Facing Global Warming (2001)
Is There a Global-Warming Problem? (1997)
Can Fisheries Take the Heat? (1995)
The Science and Politics of Global Warming (1992)
Is It Getting Warmer? (1991)
Regional Impacts of Global Warning (1989)
Observed Changes
Tackling Climate Change in the Caribbean: Natural Solutions to a Human Induced Problem (2016)
More Eyes on Climate Change (2015)
NASA: California Tuolumne Snowpack 40 Percent of Worst Year (2015)
The Argo Revolution (2015)
West Antarctic Melt Rate Has Tripled (2015)
Researchers Resolve the Karakoram Glacier Anomaly, a Cold Case of Climate Science (2014)
In Saving a Forest, Kenyans Find a Better Quality of Life (2014)
When Disaster Rains, Talk (2013)
Flood Risks in Venezuela Increased by 'New Rains' Linked to Climate Change (2013)
Climate Change Drives Spread of Invasive Plants in Cuba (2013)
Amazonas 2030: Indicators for the Climate Crisis (2011)
Antarctic Icebergs Help Ocean Food Chains (2011)
Wolverines Threatened by Climate Change (2011)
Himalayan “Water Towers” Show Signs of Wear (2011)
Acid Oceans Altering Marine Life (2009)
Violent Hurricanes: A Result of Global Warming? (2006)
Climate Changes Melting Swiss Tourism (2006)
Brush Overgrowing Tundra in the Arctic (2005)
More Caribbean Hurricanes – But Not From Global Warming (2004)
Lessons from the Rising Caspian (1997)
Frozen Peril: The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (1995)
Antarctic Awakening (1986)


Deforestation Spawns Creeping Desert in Central Argentina (2014)
Desertification Threat in Congo River Basin (2006)
Brazilian Farmers Suffer as Rainfall Grows Scarce (2006)
China's 'Green Great Wall' Aims to Halt Desertification (2005)
Facing Desertification (2000)

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