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ˇBienvenido! Welcome to The World & I Online Beginner Spanish Course. The knowledge gained through this course is meant to be practical, enriching, and rewarding. A solid understanding of both the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures makes a great foundation for visiting exotic places, meeting interesting people, and understanding unique customs.

The content of this course is delivered in an approachable and dynamic manner. It is designed for the novice whose native tongue is English, and as such, no prior knowledge or experience is required. The accompanying audio clips by native speakers, coupled with pronunciation guides geared toward the English speaker, allow for easy learning of the material. To ensure mastery of the content, most sections contain reinforcing exercises.

Anyone completing this study adequately should acquire a strong base of understanding Spanish as well as fundamental information regarding the Hispanic world. To access the contents, either click on one of the five main chapter headings below for an introduction to the section and topic links, or just click on a topic in the right menu to go directly to it.
This preliminary section provides the learner with essential background knowledge regarding the Spanish-speaking world. It outlines the countries whose primary language is Spanish and the general distribution … more>>
This section explores basic communicative skills. It opens with an in-depth explanation of the Spanish alphabet, followed by an extensive dialogue concerning pronunciation of the letters. One segment … more>>
This section covers a number of topics necessary for daily life, from greetings and farewells, cardinal and ordinal numbers, and ages to the days, months, seasons, dates, and Hispanic holidays, as well as telling time … more>>
This section explains many elementary aspects of Spanish grammar, laying the foundation for more in-depth study. It includes both definite and indefinite articles, and pronouns, including regional differences … more>>
The final section of this introductory Spanish course outlines numerous situations in which set phrases may prove helpful. It is a self-contained unit; in other words, one need not master the other portions of the course in order to successfully use this one. It consists of standard phrases applicable to a number of … more>>
  The Hispanic World
Spanish Language Roots
Spanish You Already Know
Word Gender
Hand Gestures
Regional Differences
  The Alphabet
Word Stress
  Greetings & Farewells
Cardinal Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Days, Months, Etc.
The Weather
The Body
The Family
Meals, Condiments, Drinks
Fruits, Veggies, Meat, Poultry
Fish, Dairy, Grains, Other
Spanish Cuisine & Measures
Travel & Distance Conversions
  Definite & Indefinite Articles
Regular Verbs
Hay (there is/are)
Tener (to have)
Ser/Estar (to be)
Ir (to go)
Hacer (to do/make)
Possessive Adjectives
Demonstrative Adjectives
Meeting People
Dining Out
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