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A More Perfect Union
The Constitution and the Making of America

In 1787, delegates from the newly independent United States – lawyers, governors, statesmen, and revolutionary patriots – met in Philadelphia to draft a constitution. Some 225 years later, that constitution stands as the world’s oldest continuously functioning instrument of government and arguably the most important and imitated body of law in modern history.

This newly revised collection of articles first appeared in The World & I on the occasion of the U.S. Constitution’s bicentennial in 1987. In it noted legal scholars and historians explore (1) the historical context of the framing; (2) the principles inherent in the Constitution that have enabled it to govern a country that has undergone inconceivable economic, geographic, and technological expansion; and (3) the continuing tension between the notion of rights guaranteed and duties of citizenship that have been a current in the nation’s history.

To Secure the Blessings of Liberty: The Making of the Constitution
by Forrest McDonald
The Organic and Moral Elements in the American Constitution
by Paul Johnson
Republicanism and the Founding of America
by Marcus Cunliffe
Unity in Diversity
by Francis Canavan
Judicial Review and the Supreme Court
by Walter Berns
The Founders and the 'Superintending Principle'
by Hadley Arkes
The Moral Crisis: Lessons From the Founding
by Walter Nicgorski
Failed Amendments to the Constitution
by Morton Keller
Our Most Important Export
by Albert P. Blaustein
The Best Legal Arguments Against Trump's Immigration Ban
by Steven Mulroy
What Does 'America First' Mean for American Economic Interests?
by Charles Hankla
America's Bad Border Tax
by Nouriel Roubini
A Look at How the US Investigates Itself
by VOA News
Warrior-Scholars Explore the Relevance of 'Our Declaration'
by Nancy Doolittle
DACA Repeal to Cost U.S. Businesses, Economy Billions
by Ramon Taylor
MIT Joins Court Brief in Support of Dreamers
by Peter Dizikes
Trump: Stricter US Gun Laws Would Not Have Stopped Texas Massacre
by Ken Bredemeier and Ken Schwartz
Should Lying to the FBI Be a Crime?
by Austin Sarat
Trump Justice Department Pushes for Citizenship Question on Census, Alarming Experts
by Justin Elliot
The Pall That the Tax Law is Casting Over Charities
by Patrick Rooney
DACA Isn't Just About Social Justice - Legalizing Dreamers Makes Economic Sense, Too
by Amy Hsin
Most Panhandling Laws are Unconstitutional Since There's No Freedom of Speech
by Joseph W. Mead
US Lawmakers Demand Changes at Facebook After Data Breaches
by Michael Bowman
Fragmented US Privacy Rules Leave Large Data Loopholes for Facebook and Others
by Florian Schaub
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