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American Waves
Race, Ethnicity,
& Cultural Identity

Edited by Cathy L. James

American Waves is a collection of readings by various authors that reflects the diverse racial and ethnic makeup of American society. The essays were arranged chronologically, representing the different phases or waves of ethnic groups that immigrated (voluntarily or involuntarily) to the United States. The purpose of the book is to examine the historical experiences, persisting customs, and special events that shape ethnic or cultural identity.

One cannot fairly evaluate current racial and ethnic relations without examining one’s own heritage and the ethnic history of others. According to the 2000 Census, moreover, recent immigrants have come increasingly from Asia and Latin America, suggesting that a future America may be predominantly non-European. Some may fear the loss of an “American identity” that could result from the submersion of the Anglo-Saxon majority. These essays argue that it is possible to respect the basic principles of American culture while affirming that cultural diversity adds to the beauty and strength of American society.

Modern Art and All That Jazz
Experts: US-China Relationship Pivotal in 2017
America's Own Islands in the Sun
Noah Webster, America's Word Master
Seven Myths About Cultural Diplomacy
To Avert Disaster the US Must Deal With North Korea
Explainer: What is Protectionism and Could it Benefit the US Economy
Four Contradictions of US Trade Policy
Refugees as Weapons of Mass Destruction
Strikes Against Syria: Did Trump Need Permission from Congress?
“Devastating Consequences” for Women, Girls as U.S. Defunds UN Agency
No U.S. Refuge for Syrians Even After Military Strikes
For the Rural Right, the Key's What 'Feels True'
Art Adventures in the Genius Belt: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
A Fiscal Reality Test for US Republicans
Status Unclear of US-Russia Hotline for Syrian Airspace
Donald Trump's Climate Fantasies
Heart of Screenland
The Noose Tightens
Global Confidence in the United States Is Shaken
'The Day the World Changed'-- A Former Trader on How the Credit Crunch Kicked Off
Border Agency Set to Jumpstart Trump’s Wall in a Texas Wildlife Refuge
Beyond the Beyond: Roy Chapman Andrews in Mongolia
California's Sacred Caves
How the Smartphone Affected an Entire Generation of Kids
UN Rights Chief: Trump’s Attack on Press is “Dangerous”
What Victims of Hurricane Harvey can Learn from Katrina as Rebuilding Begins
Gregory Falco: Protecting Urban Infrastructure Against Cyberterrorism
DeVos: Obama-era Rules on Campus Sexual Assault Will Be Changed
Wall Street Landlords Are Chasing the American Dream- Here's What It Means for Families
Restoring Hope: The Roosevelts in Hyde Park
Learning From Harvey
Trump Can't Win: the North Korea Crisis is a Lose-Lose Proposition for the US
Monarch Butterflies Disappearing from Western North America
Three Ring Circus
In Moscow, Expert Opinions Vary on New US Envoy
Half of US, Japan Teens ‘Addicted’ to Smartphones
The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Bad – and Necessary
In Las Vegas, Excess and Fantasy Bleed into Tragedy
More Female Movie Executives Would Stem the Sexist Rot in Hollywood
Museum Hopping at Harvard
Scrimshaw, as American as Jazz
Taking the Canyon Home with Me
Elizabeth Blackwell- America's First Woman Doctor
Despite Trump Campaign Promise, Billionaires’ Tax Loophole Survives Again
New York Truck Attack Turns Focus to Radicalized Uzbeks
'Voodoo Economics' Makes a Comeback in Republican Tax Plan Enriching the Rich
The Plot Against America's 99%
Princeton Research Project Explores Past Ties to Slavery
To Stop the Opioid Epidemic, The White House Should Embrace Prevention
In China, Trump Strikes Gentler Tone on N. Korea, Trade
Don't Rely on China: North Korea Won't Kowtow to Beijing
The Populist Tail Wagging the German Dog
Wife of Princeton Scholar Held in Iran Implores Trump to Intervene
The Illusion of Justice: When Will Reparations be Served to Iraq’s Victims?
The GOP Doesn't Care if You Like Its Tax Plan. Here's Why
The New Tax Bill Will Make Americans Less Healthy- and That's Bad for the Economy
China Gears Up to Reduce Impact of US Tax Cut
Harvard President Voices Concern After Endowment Tax Passes
The US is Exporting Obesity
How Facebook Could Really Fix Itself
How Immigration Arrests Affect Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Does America Have a Caste System?
Wanted: A Firewall to Protect U.S. Elections
Black America's 'Bleaching Syndrome'
The World's Priciest Stock Market
Trump's Travel Ban is Just One of Many US Policies that Legalize Discrimination Against Muslims
Introduction  (Read Now)
Mescalero Apaches
Choctaw Gold: New Enterprises on a Mississippi Reservation
English Settlements in Maine: 'So Secure a Harbor'
The Appalachian Voice  (Read Now)
Bearing Stubborn Fruit: The German Character of Missouri's Wine Region
Contours of Black Reconstruction
Things Change: Alabama and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Allons au Zydeco: Southwest Louisiana's Creole Music
Irish Way of Becoming American
Chinese in America  (Read Now)
On the Shoulders of Strong Men: Processions Recall Old World Heritage among Italian Americans
Jewish Identity in America, Part One
Vashon Island's Bittersweet Legacy: Strawberry Fields Remembered
Border Culture: Intermixing Along the U.S.-Mexico Border
New York City: Family Problems and Organizational Support Among Puerto Ricans
Legacy in Smoke: Ybor City's Role in Cigar Manufacturing  (Read Now)
Immigration and the Asian-American Experience
Asian Indians in America: Emerging Minority
Belonging in the West
Jazz's Origin
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