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Starting from the premise that each human being has greatness of character latent within him or her, The World & I magazine each month searches out people who have cultivated such personal character and brought it to powerful fruition. Almost always, we find that such people live lives that benefit humankind in notable and often touching ways.

In our monthly feature called "People in the News," we present an interview-based personality profile, chock full of quotes, focusing on an individual's ideals, principles, vision, goals, inspiration, and motivation. Each article also tries to show how a person's life achievements can be rooted in influences from his or her family, friends, and teachers.

The profiles show that great character is made, not born. They suggest that each individual brings to bear on his or her life the formative forces of perseverance, hope, compassion, and creativity. In so doing, adversity is surmounted, circumstances dominated, and personal potential caused to flower.

Moreover, "People in the News" profiles show that great character often results in great public recognition -- but that just as often it does not. A person of character may bask in the limelight, surrounded by enormous popular acclaim, or he or she may labor lifelong in the shadows, hailed only by those whose lives they immediately touch.

Through these articles, we try to give our readers hope that they can duplicate the successes of the articles' subjects. We've done such pieces on newsmakers as diverse as feminist and university professor Betty Friedan and actor and National Rifle Association figure Charlton Heston; also pioneering black civil rights lawyer Dovey Roundtree and the Rev. Freddie Garcia, who runs a San Antonio, Texas, drug rehabilitation house.

Dr. Denham Harman: Pioneer in Aging Theory
Arno Penzias: A Physicist's American Dream
Harold Varmus: On the Trail of a Cancer Cure
Khidhir Hamza: Building Iraq's Bomb
Edward Teller: Author of the H-Bomb
Ronald Lauder: Democratic Capitalist
Sir John Templeton: Patron of Faith
Thomas Clark: Centenarian Historian
Bob Kerrey: Serving America as Soldier, Senator, Educator
Harvey Cox: Living Two Religions
Michael Feinberg: Empowering Through Educating
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.: Historian Laureate
Howard Hurwitz: Principled Principal
Samuel Huntington: 'Cassandra' of Political Science?
Michael Behe: Darwin in the Dock
Glenda Hatchett: Judge of Character
Jack Valenti: Hollywood's Guardian Angel
Art Linkletter: Man of Many Riches
Tom Clancy: Technothriller Creator and Freedom Advocate
Steve Allen: Serious Man's Comic
Charlton Heston: Hollywood Conservative
Patrick Moore: A Founder of Greenpeace
Jack Wheeler: A Yen for Adventure--and Geopolitics
Winnie Bartel: Fighting to Halt the War Against Women
Rev. Louis Sheldon: A Pulpit in Politics
William Rusher: Crafter of Conservatism
Phyllis Schlafly: Activist Grandmother
James Dobson Jr.: Advocate for Family Values
J.A. (Jay) Parker: Black and Independent
Jeane Kirkpatrick: Diplomat and Mother
Betty Friedan: Feminism's Matriarch
A.M. Rosenthal: Journalist for World Freedom
Barry Farber: Radio Man Extraordinaire
Robert Giles: At Journalism's Pinnacle
Martin Peretz: From Ideologue to Ideophile
Edward Koch: New York's 'Mayor for Life'
Rep. Bernard Sanders: Green Mountain Maverick
Strom Thurmond: Dean of the U.S. Senate
Sen. Eugene McCarthy: Antiwar Icon
Francois Boko: African Democracy Dynamo
Michael Joyce: Self-Reliance Sage
Griffin Bell: A Life in Law
Joseph Califano Jr.: Addiction Nemesis
Dovey Mae Roundtree: Bellwether for Black Women
Brian Crozier: Veteran of the Cold War
Jehan Sadat: Woman of Peace
Richard Solomon: Pursuing World Peace
Dawud Assad: Islam Builder and Religion Linker
Wallace Deen Mohammed: From Black Muslim to Black and Muslim
Ravi Shankar: Humanitarian Swami
Walter Fauntroy: Civil Rights Superstar
Khalid Duran: Religion Bridger
Edwin Louis Cole: Maximizing Men
Alfred Radeloff: Player in Germany's Peaceful Revolution
Billy Graham: Dean of Evangelists
Jerry Falwell: Moral Majoritarian
Donald Stephens: Angel of Mercy
Chief Ernie Peters Longwalker: Medicine-Man Youth Worker
Connie Driscoll: Regenerating Street Women
Silas Purnell: Opening College Doors
Rev. Theo 'Doc' Benson: Working Wonders by Teaching Work Skills
Elayne Bennett: Abstinence Advocate
Ben Beltzer: Homelessness Healer
Robert Woodson: Empowerment Advocate
Hannah Hawkins: 'Mother' to Dozens
Freddie Garcia: Ex-Junkie a Pastor to Addicts
Leo Hennigan: Alcoholism's Nemesis
Rev. Ronald Marino: Minister to Jobless Migrants
Virgil Gulker: Reclaiming At-Risk Kids
Barbara von der Heydt: Point-of-Light Pursuer
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