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Festivals, Museums & Schools

Art Festivals
Barnes Foundation: Masterpieces Create a Show Like No Other  (Aug 1993)
Cagnes-Sur-Mer: The 18th International Festival of Painting  (Oct 1986)
Echoes of Nature: The Madeira Film Festival (Oct 2013)
Event Connects Art and the Military (Nov 2012)
Golden Orange Awarded to 'Your Beauty is Worth Nothing' (Nov 2012)
Hollywood Celebrates Itself (Feb 2012)
Minneapolis: A Cool Midwestern City Sports Hot Museums  (Jan 2008)
Sao Paulo Bienal: South America's Answer to SoHo  (Mar 1990)
Sao Paulo Biennial: Utopia vs. Reality  (Jan 1988)
Venice Biennale: Back on Track  (Oct 1988)
Venice Biennale: Bigger but not Better  (Aug 2007)
Venice's Fiftieth Biennale: The Dictatorship of the Spectacle  (Nov 2003)
Vietnam's Living Museum  (Jun 1996)
Whitney Biennial: Art as Gimmick  (Jul 1989)
Woodstock Film Festival: Eye of the World (Nov 2012)

Art Museums
A Childlike Vision Artfully Refined (Nov 2015)
A Living Museum in Brazil (Jun 2012)
Alessandro Pessoli at SFMOMA (Sep 2012)
Art Museums Go Digital  (Jun 2011)
Art of Another Kind at the Guggenheim (Jun 2012)
Awestruck by Art: Creating an Art Gallery  (Mar 1991)
Carl Van Vechten Museum of Fine Arts: The Secret Art Collection in Nashville  (May 1991)
Carnegie Museum of Art: Blockbusters, Museum Consortiums, and Their Pitfalls  (Dec 1989)
Cloisters at Fifty: America's Citadel of Medieval Art  (May 1988)
Creativity Behind Bars  (Jan 2008)
Greece Suffers Blow to Cultural Heritage (May 2012)
Guggenheim's Less-Than-Definitive Show: Abstraction Abstracted  (May 1996)
Himalayan Art & Medicine (Oct 2014)
International Food Museums (Nov 2014)
Le Marie Tranier: Birth of a Gallery  (Nov 1991)
Lila Acheson Wallace Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Great Opportunity for Twentieth-Century Art  (May 1987)
Lucy R. Lippard and the Conceptual Art Movement (Jun 2012)
Man Ray and Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism (Oct 2012)
National Gallery of Art Commemorates 75th Anniversary (Apr 2016)
National Gallery of Art Launches Italian Paintings of the 13th and 14th Centuries Online Edition (May 2016)
National Gallery: Circumnavigating the Columbus Quincentennial  (Jan 1992)
National Museum of the American Indian: Where Culture, History, and Issues Come Alive  (Mar 2005)
National Museum of Women in the Arts: The Neglected Art of Women Now Represented  (Apr 1987)
National Portrait Gallery Announces Winners of the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2016 (Apr 2016)
New at the National Gallery (Sep 2012)
Paris' Orsay Museum, and Japanese Avant-garde at the Pompidou  (Mar 1987)
Postage Art Spotlighted at Smithsonian Exhibition  (Aug 2005)
Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Art Redefined (Oct 2012)
Rubin Museum: Bringing the Himalayas to New York  (Dec 2004)
South Africa in Apartheid and After (Nov 2012)
Tahitiís James Norman Hall Museum  (Dec 2011)
Tate Modern Is the Toast of London  (Nov 2000)
Two Centuries that Shaped the Medieval World (Apr 2012)
Wharton Esherick: Visionary American Artist (Mar 2016)
Whitney Upstaged by the Corcoran: The Battle of the Biennials  (Jul 1987)
Wilmerding Collection of American Masters at the National Gallery  (Aug 2004)

Art Schools
Algonquin: Art in the Wilderness  (Mar 2002)
Barnes Foundation: Masterpieces Create a Show Like No Other  (Aug 1993)
Echoes of Nature: The Madeira Film Festival (Oct 2013)
Event Connects Art and the Military (Nov 2012)
Hollywood Celebrates Itself (Feb 2012)
Hudson River School: Visions of Paradise  (Dec 1987)
Woodstock Film Festival: Eye of the World (Nov 2012)

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