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African Art on the Move (Dec 2013)
African Women Viewed Through Sculpture  (Apr 2009)
Amarna: A Blink in the Eye of Eternal Egypt  (Mar 2000)
Apartheid South Africa: 30 Works Show Cruelty  (Nov 2004)
Bamana Sculpture: The Sudan's Treasure  (Jul 1986)
Black and White in Bronze: Two South African Sculptors  (Jul 1988)
Central African Sculpture: Symbols of Power and Identity  (Jul 1997)
Giving African Artists Their Names (May 2015)
Henein: Infused With 5,000 Years of History  (Aug 1989)
Tanzania: Carvers of the Makonde  (Jun 2010)
Young Nigerian Sculptor Explores Hair, Her African Roots (Jan 2015)

Art in the Year One  (Jan 2001)
Bonsai: Little Big Trees Marry Science and Aesthetics  (Aug 2004)
Chinese Art: 7,000 Years Represented in Montreal Exhibition  (Aug 1986)
Chinese Ice Sculptures Dazzle Jerusalem  (May 2012)
Chinese Treasures at Sackler Gallery  (Feb 2005)
Glories of the Past: Art of Ancient Civilizations  (Feb 1991)
Japan: Art from the Great Eastern Temple  (Sep 1986)
Karavan: The Avant-garde Plus Soul  (Sep 1988)
Khmer Art: Ten Centuries of Ancient Cambodian Sculpture  (Jun 1997)
Kim Chung Sook's Sculpture Blends Korean Tradition With Western Modernism  (Jan 1987)
Lebanon: Mona Saudi - Finding the Essence  (Oct 2010)
Prajnaparamita: Largest Exhibition of Indonesian Art Ever  (Jul 1990)
Sah: The Power of Marble  (Oct 1993)
Seoul Art: Where Past and Present Meet  (Feb 1993)
Sleeping Buddha: Archeologists May Have Found 985-Foot-Long Statue  (Apr 2005)
Tibet and Nepal: Art of the Himalayas  (Nov 1992)
Vietnamese Art Celebrated in Houston  (Oct 2009)

Abakanowicz: Seeing the World in Its Entirety  (Feb 1990)
Alexander the Great's Decadence and Warlikeness on Display  (Apr 2005)
Art in the Year One  (Jan 2001)
Brancusi, Romanian Artist  (Oct 1995)
Calder and Miro: Two Artists of a Century  (Jan 2005)
Da Vinci's 'Rearing Horse' And It's Mystery  (Mar 2010)
Daumier's World  (Nov 1999)
Donatello: The Greatest European Sculpture of the Fifteenth-Century  (Nov 1986)
Dubuffet: Champion of Raw Art  (Sep 1993)
Eastern European Repressed Speak Out: Salvation Through Art  (May 1988)
Florence: A Trio of Breathtaking Works in Marble and Bronze  (Nov 2005)
Frink: Sculpture Both Modern and Mythic  (Jun 1987)
Garcia: Timeless Realism  (Dec 1991)
Gerz: Artist Creates a Monument Against Fascism in Hamburg  (Aug 1987)
Giacometti: The Epitome of Modern Angst  (Sep 1988)
Glories of the Past: Art of Ancient Civilizations  (Feb 1991)
Half Peasant, Half Visionary: The Luminous Life of Contantin Brancusi (May 2012)
Japonisme and the Fifties: Two Major Paris Exhibitions  (Jan 1989)
Menorahs of Victory  (Dec 1990)
Mestrovic: Artist and Patriot  (Feb 1992)
Miró: A Quest for Historical Relevance  (Aug 1987)
Modigliani: That Brilliant Bohemian  (Jan 1991)
Nazi Germany Art: Elegy for the Oppressed  (Feb 1992)
Nuernberg: Splendid Medieval and Renaissance Art  (Jun 1986)
Picasso, Master of Metamorphosis  (Oct 1992)
Pre-Classical Greek Art: The Pefection of Youth for 500 Years  (Mar 1988)
Rodin Sculpture on View in Cantor Collection  (Jun 1986)
Sonsbeek 86: Sculpture in the Hothouse  (Nov 1986)
Stryjecki: Teaching Sculpture to the Deaf-Blind  (May 1999)
Tapies: Catalan Mystic  (Dec 1991)
The Greek Miracle of Sculpture  (Jan 1993)
The Sounds of Ancient Music  (Sep 2010)
Venice: Rococo Glory in the Eighteenth-Century  (Feb 1995)

United States & Canada
Algonquin: Art in the Wilderness  (Mar 2002)
Calder and Miro: Two Artists of a Century  (Jan 2005)
Calder's Cosmos: More Than Mobiles  (Jun 1998)
Frederick Hart: Rebel With a Cause  (Apr 1992)
Harvey: Walking in Beauty  (Jun 2004)
Puryear: Sculptor of the Allusive  (Jul 1992)
Ratner: In Love With the Bible  (May 1998)
Stein: Machete as Medium  (Oct 1994)
Tool Tool Terrific  (Apr 1996)
West Coast Movement: A Rare Look at San Fransisco Bay-Area Art  (Aug 2004)
Westward Ho to Santa Monica  (Jul 1991)

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