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More than a Computer: The Brain's Abilities | Brain Basics: How the Brain Works | Unconscious Processes | Consciousness, Personality, & Emotion | The Field of Psychology | Mental Health & Illness

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Consciousness, Personality, & Emotion

Experiments in Reading Yield Engrossing Results (Jun 2012)
Will Anti-Fat Bias Affect the 2012 Election? (Feb 2012)
Consciousness Rediscovered  (Feb 2000)
Breaking Comas  (Oct 1995)
Consciousness: A Parameter for Understanding Man and Nature  (Jan 1986)

Assessing Personality: Phlegmatic? Neurotic? Tests Can Help Find Out  (Aug 2004)
The Politics of the Authoritarian Personality  (Dec 2002)
Disease and Human Personality  (Nov 1997)
The Developed versus the Developing  (Apr 1997)
Ethics, Neurochemistry, and Violence Control  (Aug 1994)
Confucian Self-realization: Embodying the Universe  (Aug 1989)
The Roots of Altruism and Heroic Rescue  (Jul 1988)

Shelter for the Psyche (Mar 2015)
Getting Serious About Laughter  (Mar 2003)
Science, Spirituality, and Emotions  (Jul 2001)
Human Cruelty: The Unspeakable Pleasure  (Feb 2000)
Linking Foods to Moods  (Mar 1998)
What Is Emotion?  (Mar 1997)
The Love for the Null Hypothesis: Psychology and Humor Studies  (Jul 1992)
What Is Funny? To Whom? And Why?: Humor and Personality in Germany  (Jul 1992)
Phobias  (Jun 1989)

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