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More than a Computer: The Brain's Abilities | Brain Basics: How the Brain Works | Unconscious Processes | Consciousness, Personality, & Emotion | The Field of Psychology | Mental Health & Illness

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The Field of Psychology

Child Psychology & Development
Why Make-Believe Play is an Important Part of Childhood Development (May 2016)
Micromanaging Kids Found to Yield Downsides (Mar 2016)
Parents can Help, but Children take a DIY Approach to Learning Language (Feb 2016)
Don't Delay: Having to Wait Doesn't Help Young Kids Exercise Self-Control (Dec 2015)
Economist Currie Investigates the Building Blocks of Children's Success (Nov 2015)
Children Overcoming Adversity  (Oct 2015)
Living With Undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome  (Dec 2009)
Education for the Preschool Child  (Jan 1992)
The Renaissance Children  (Jan 1992)
What is 'Quality' Child Care?: Lessons From Child Psychology Research  (Sep 1991)
Geniuses Are Made, Not Born  (Oct 1986)
The Terrible Twos Are Terrific for Language Learning  (Feb 1986)

Challenges Facing the Indian Psychiatrist  (Jun 2008)
Fear of Psychiatry: The Legacy of the Sixties  (Jul 1989)
Historical Reflections on Deinstitutionalization  (Jul 1989)
Psychiatry and the Family: A Historical Perspective  (Nov 1987)

Social Issues & Behavior
Psychological Tips for Resisting the Internet’s Grip (Apr 2016)
Curbing Cravings: Can Kitchen Chaos Influence Cookie Consumption? (Mar 2016)
Bent Toward Violence (Jan 2016)
Yale Professor Examines Unconscious Biases by Whites (Jan 2016)
Reality Bites: Big Gap between Life and Ideals Weighs Heavily (Dec 2015)
The Psychological origins of Procrastination - And How we can Stop Putting Things Off (Dec 2015)
Why Hasn't He/She Replied? (Nov 2015)
Researchers Need to Pay Attention to Differences in Self-Control (Nov 2015)
Are Today’s Standards for Being a ‘Real Man’ Leading to Violence Against Women? (Nov 2015)
Teens are Not Always Irrational (Oct 2015)
Women's Major Role in Culture of Peace  (Oct 2015)
Go Ahead, Be Sarcastic (Sep 2015)
'Social Psychology' Course Helps Students Tackle Questions from Nonprofits (Mar 2015)
Why Do People Choke When the Stakes Are High?  (Jun 2012)
We May be Less Happy, But Our Language Isn't (Feb 2012)
The Smell of Fear  (Jun 2010)
Speech Disorder Clues in Songbird DNA  (May 2010)
Aggression and Attracting Bullies  (Feb 2009)
We Are All Bystanders  (May 2007)
The Dilemma of the Undiagnosed Daughter  (May 1990)
The Culture of Narcissism Revisited  (May 1990)
Breaking the Silence  (Oct 1989)
The Legacy of Lost Families: Divorce and the Next Generation  (Nov 1988)

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