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The Brain

More than a Computer: The Brain's Abilities | Brain Basics: How the Brain Works | Unconscious Processes | Consciousness, Personality, & Emotion | The Field of Psychology | Mental Health & Illness

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More than a Computer: The Brain's Abilities

Brain & Mind
Students Explore the Brain with NIH Scientists (Apr 2016)
Building Calm into the Day (Jan 2016)
Ancient Brain turns Palentology on its Head (Dec 2015)
How the Brain Builds New Thoughts (Nov 2015)
It's All About That Bass (Sep 2015)
Eight Weeks to a Better Brain (May 2015)
Feeling Stressed? (Jan 2015)
Men's and Women's Brains are Wired Differently (Jan 2014)
Biology Supports 8 Hour Workday  (Jun 2009)
Good Vibrations, Sound Brain Health  (Feb 2009)
Adjust Your Brain  (Sep 2007)
Meet Your Mind: Instincts, Intellect and Their Impact on Human Behavior  (Dec 2006)
Immune System and the Effect of Thoughts  (Aug 2005)
Neuroscience: The Key to What Makes Us Human?  (Nov 2004)
Service Learning Stimulates the Brain  (Oct 2003)
Using the Brain to Conquer Pain  (Feb 2003)
The Future of the Brain  (Aug 2000)
Disabling Stress Before It Disables You: Insights Into How to Regain Your Serenity  (Mar 1999)
Nature, Nurture, Brains, and Behavior  (Jul 1996)
Attitude, Achievement, and Health  (May 1991)
Pain: A Focus on Relief  (Nov 1989)
Your Child's Psychological Health  (Sep 1989)
Healthful Imaging  (Jun 1989)
Mental Illness: No Longer a Myth  (Nov 1987)
Living with Pain  (Jan 1987)
The Holographic Hypothesis of Brain Function: A Meeting of Minds  (May 1986)
Healing and the Process of Healing: The Synthesis of Mind and Heart in Medicine  (Mar 1986)

Artificial Intelligence
'Schizophrenic' Computers Help Understand the Brain (Jun 2011)
Immortality 2.0  (Feb 2009)
A Piece of iMe: An Interview with David Chalmers  (Feb 2009)
Computers and Psychology: Keeping the Human Aspect  (Jul 1995)
Controversies in Artificial Intelligence  (Jul 1995)
How Artificial Intelligence Fails  (Jul 1995)
The Artificiality of Artificial Intelligence  (Feb 1993)
Computers and Consciousness  (Dec 1990)

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