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The Brain

More than a Computer: The Brain's Abilities | Brain Basics: How the Brain Works | Unconscious Processes | Consciousness, Personality, & Emotion | The Field of Psychology | Mental Health & Illness

Click on a title below to access the article. (The World & I issue that the article appeared in is found in parentheses.)

Unconscious Processes

How the Brain Perceives Pain  (Nov 2002)
Ursula Stšubli: Smelling Like a Rat  (Aug 1997)
The Mystery of Smell  (Jul 1995)
Optical Neural Networks  (Feb 1989)
Learning Disabilities: A New Horizon of Perception  (Aug 1988)

Connections for Communications and Memory  (Oct 2003)
Pain and Memory  (Nov 2002)
Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?  (Nov 1998)
The Troubling World of Recovered Memory  (Dec 1994)
The Puzzle of Memory  (Aug 1986)

Brain in Step with Offbeat Music  (Apr 2009)
Ravi Shankar, Godfather of World Music  (Mar 2002)
Ravi Shankar's Selected Recordings  (Mar 2002)
Chawattu Natakam  (Jun 2000)
Take Two Sonatas and Call Me in the Morning  (Nov 1995)

Sleep & Dreams
Opening Our Eyes to the Neglected Subject of Sleep  (Sep 2004)
In the Arms of Morpheus: Sleep Attacks  (Dec 2000)
To Sleep, Perchance to Heal  (Jan 1991)
Understanding Our Dreams  (Dec 1989)

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