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Wherever freedom of thought exists, one will encounter differing opinions on issues large and small. Though life might be simpler if everyone held the same view on any given issue, unfortunately that is not the case. The reality is that, in an imperfect world, advances are made through the healthy exchange of often opposing views and a concerted effort to work out the best solution for the good of all involved.

The World & I Online’s Point-Counterpoint collection presents a broad sampling of issues addressed over the years in the format of pro and con articles by experts in their fields. Former House Judiciary Committee member Bob Barr and political analyst and daily talk show host Martha Zoller, for example, square off on the issue “Is America’s New Security Law Squeezing Out Privacy Rights?” And Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine president Gary Hodgen and University of Arizona professor of human embryology C. Ward Kischer take opposing stands on the issue “Human Embryo Research.”

You’ll find more than fifty issues – everything from minimum wage, suburban sprawl, and prescription drugs to the United Nations, immigration, and whether to send humans into outer space – addressed in our ongoing Point-Counterpoint collection. Just click on a category and choose your topic.

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