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Below are the topics for this category. Just choose your topic and click on the accompanying articles to find opposing perspectives on the issue.

Economic Issues

State Lotteries 
    A Boon for State Budgets  
    Hypocritical, Cruel, and Unjust 

Minimum Wage: Time for a Change? 
    Yes, It's Time for a Change  
    No, It Should Remain as Is 

Is the Flat Tax a Good Idea? 
    Yes, If Done Right  
    No, for Fairness' Sake 

Can Amending the Constitution Cure the Budget Deficit? 
    Yes, to Save Congress From Itself  
    No, It Would Wreck the Economy 

Should Supply-Side Economics Be U.S. Policy? 
    A Defense of Supply-Side Economics 
    A Critique of Supply-Side Economics 

Do We Need an IRS? 
    Abolishing the IRS Is a Fantasy  
    We Can Do Better 

Gore and Bush on Social Security 
    Private Savings Is the Key 
    Federal Funding Is the Answer 

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