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Below are the topics for this category. Just choose your topic and click on the accompanying articles to find opposing perspectives on the issue.

International Issues

U.S.-Turkish Ties 
    Ties Are Still Needed 
    Turkey Is at the Turning Point 

The Mideast Peace Conference 
    Palestinians Deserve a Voice 
    Keep the PLO Out 

Relations With Cuba 
    Why Not Have Constructive Engagement With Castro? 
    Isolate Castro, Not Cuban People 

The World Trade Organization 
    No Threat to U.S. Sovereignty 
    A Giant Step Toward Managed Trade 

Funding the World Bank 
    It's a Good Deal for the U.S. 
    It's Done More Harm than Good 

    A Failed Approach 
    A Successful Agreement 

Asia and the IMF 
    The IMF Can Stem the Crisis  
    Let Free Markets Work 

    It Is Good for You  
    It Could Explode, Spinning Off Chaos 

Kosovo: Was It a Just War? 
    A Moral Imperative 
    The Wrong Approach 

The United Nations 
    Has the Prodigal Returned? 
    Imagine a World Without It 

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