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Below are the topics for this category. Just choose your topic and click on the accompanying articles to find opposing perspectives on the issue.

Rights Issues

Teenage Smoking 
    Kids Can Think for Themselves 
    More Laws Are Needed 

Smoking in America 
    We Need More Regulations 
    Smokers Have Rights, Too 

Affirmative Action 
    Keeping the Faith: White Civil Rights and Black Affirmative Action 
    Affirmative Action and the Rise of Neotribalism 

The Flag-Burning Debate 
    Deconstructing the Flag-Burning Debate 
    The Constitutional Scope and Function of Freedom of Speech 

The Abortion War 
    Pro-Life Majority Keeps Issue Alive  
    Zealots Fail to Stop Clinics 

Is Death a Constitutional Right? 
    The Virtue of Choice 
    The Sanctity of Life 

Is a Fairness Doctrine Needed Today? 
    Let's Restore Fairness to Broadcasting 
    It's Unfair and Unnecessary  

Life-and-Death Agreements 
    The Will to Live 
    To Die With Dignity 
    Needed: A Moral Renewal 

Who Should Control Our Land? 
    Our Property Rights Are Endangered  
    The Environment Needs Protection 

Which Way for U.S. Immigration? 
    Keep the Borders Open 
    It's Time to Stop the Flood 

Is America's New Security Law Squeezing Out Privacy Rights? 
    Patriot Act Has Problems 
    The Patriot Act Is Just Right for America 

Birth Families or Adoptive Families? 
    Nature Over Nurture 
    Accepting Adoption 

Fair Housing in Baltimore 
    It's Social Engineering 
    The People Need Help 

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