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Science, with its seeming promise of delivering an endless stream of comfort and pleasure through an array of consumer goods, has become virtually the fount of every blessing for the twenty-first century. And, with its logical emphasis on observation, objectivity, and experiment as the final arbiters of truth, science threatens even more to assume the exalted place in society that religion once enjoyed.

It is no secret that science and spirituality have been at loggerheads for hundreds of years, especially since the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. There have been baleful feelings on both sides, because at bottom science is based on reason and objective observation of nature, while religion is rooted in the entirely different approach of faith and subjective experience of the Divine. Moreover, scientific theories have often challenged religious dogma, and religious doctrines have often led to oppression of scientists.

Nonetheless, many thoughtful scientists and reflective faithful have come to see the other camp not as an enemy but an ally. The articles you will find in this special collection highlight this latter phenomenon. They delve deeply into the wondrous realm in which thoughtful men and women have seen beyond the conflict between science and spirituality and have begun to note the ways in which the two describe the same reality, though from different perspectives and using different terminology.

Whether you come to this collection more from the scientific side or the faith side, you will find your knowledge enriched and your perspective expanded. Please enjoy!

Physics and the Spiritual
Biology and the Spiritual
Science and Spiritual Experiences
Spirituality and Medicine
Harmony of Religion and Science
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Evolutionism and Creationism
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The Eastern Perspective
Books on Science and Spirituality

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