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Inventors & Generalists

Feeding Industrial Wastes to Microorganisms  (Nov 1990)
Bottling Nature's Medicine Making Machinery  (Apr 1993)
Genes to the Rescue  (Dec 1993)
Georgius Agricola: Looking Beyond Aristotle and Alchemy  (Mar 1994)
Demystifying Magnetism  (Oct 2000)
Whither Genomic Medicine?  (Oct 2001)
A New Path for Stem Cell Research  (Mar 2008)
The Race to Develop Cheap, Rapid DNA Sequencing  (Mar 2009)
Breeding and Genetic Change in the Holstein Genome  (Nov 2009)
Preparing Peanuts for the Future  (Apr 2010)
Genetics or Evolution?  (May 2010)
Micromasonry: Building Artificial Tissues in 3D  (Jun 2010)
Turning Blood Cells into 'Beating' Heart Cells (May 2011)
New Gene Tool Could Transform Study of Biology (May 2012)
Mini-Pig Tale Tells of New Possibilities (Dec 2012)
A Gene that Shaped the Evolution of Darwin's Finches (Mar 2015)
Origins of life: New model may explain emergence of self-replication on early Earth (Sep 2015)
The DIY Scientist, the Olympian, and the Mutated Gene (Feb 2016)
New Role Identified for Scars at the Site of Injured Spinal Cord (May 2016)

Philo T. Farnsworth: The Father of Television  (May 1990)
Suicide Genes  (Jun 1992)
Mapping the Plant Genome  (Nov 1992)
The Obese Gene  (May 1996)
Genes and Sex  (Nov 1996)
Mysteries of Cell Death: Murder or Suicide?  (Apr 1997)
Unraveling the Human Thread of Life  (Sep 2001)
Proteins, Proteins Everywhere  (May 2002)
Stanford Ovshinsky: Glasses for the Masses  (Jun 2003)
Fledgling Stem-Cell Research Is Promising Yet Problematic  (Jun 2005)
Unlocking Secrets of Microbial Evolution  (Jun 2009)
Antonis Rokas: Trimming the Tree of Life  (Dec 2009)
Epigenetics Gives Clues to Reversing Genetic Methylation (Jun 2011)
Skeletons Point to Columbus Voyage for Syphilis Origins (Mar 2012)
“Nanobubbles” Help Target Cancer Cells (May 2012)
Placebos are Personality-Dependent (Dec 2012)

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