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Micro & Molecular Biology

Micro & Molecular Biology
Mow Lin: Master of the Extremophiles  (Feb 2004)

Hans Krebs: The Genius of Biochemistry  (Jan 1986)
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi: Discoverer of Vitamin C  (Dec 1986)
Paul Bock: Creativity is the Name of the Game  (Jan 2010)

Genetics & Molecular Biology
Johann Gregor Mendel: The Father of Genetics  (Oct 1987)
J.B.S. Haldane: A Legacy in Several Worlds  (Dec 1989)
James D. Watson: The Man Who Makes Cold Spring Harbor Tick  (Jul 1990)
Oliver Smithies: On Target  (Nov 1996)

Douglas C. Wallace: The Mitochondrial Maestro  (Feb 1990)
Carl Oppenheimer: The Microbe Man  (Jan 1991)
Rita Colwell: Lady With a Mission  (May 1991)
Raul Cano: Mining the Amber-Entombed Treasure  (Jan 1996)
Lynn Margulis: Mapping the Geography of Symbiosis  (Aug 2002)

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