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Eugene P. Wigner: Is Mankind Bright Enough to Survive?  (Feb 1986)
Rosalyn Yalow: Speaking Out in Science  (Aug 1986)
Hannes Alfvén: Dean of the Plasma Dissidents  (May 1988)
Josiah Willard Gibbs: Inroads in Thermodynamics  (Jun 1988)
Irving Langmuir: A Living Legacy  (Jun 1990)
Glenn Seaborg: Transuranium Pioneer  (Jul 1991)
Michael Faraday: Founder of Field Theory  (Sep 1991)
Edward Teller: Shaping an Uncertain Future  (Jun 1993)
Wilhelm Roentgen: Lifting the Veil  (Nov 1995)
James Clerk Maxwell: Ordering the Foundations  (Mar 1996)
T.D. Lee: An East-West Physicist  (May 1998)
Richard Feynman: Brilliant Scientist and 'Curious Character'  (Aug 1998)
Ernest Rutherford: The Atomic Physics Maestro  (Jun 2001)
Philip Morrison: From the Infinitesimal to the Cosmic  (Jan 2003)
Physics and Compassion: The World as Einstein Saw It  (Apr 2005)
Murray Gell-Mann: Physicist and Nobel Laureate  (Oct 2009)

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