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Amongst Barbarians: Michael Wall's Gift to Radical Chic  (May 1989)
Another Time: An Evening of Irony and Weltschmerz in South Africa  (Jan 1990)
Bookends: Manipulating Audiences  (Feb 1991)
Macbeth, What Makes it Run?: Two British Superstars Work It Out  (May 1988)
Mrs. Klein: Extraordinary Theater  (Jun 1989)
Serious Money: Should Londoners be Laughing?  (Feb 1988)
The Black Prince: Lovestruck Worms  (Sep 1989)
A Really Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Royal Shakespeare Company Makes Magic  (Apr 1988)
A Truly Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra  (Oct 1987)
Arthur Miller's Slow Ride Down  (Mar 1992)
Beyond the Fringe  (Nov 1995)
Brecht Is Back!  (Oct 1999)
Britain's National Theatre Flourishes  (Mar 1986)
British Stage Post-9/11 Rides the Times  (Oct 2002)
British Stage Takes On Sad Stories  (Jan 1991)
British Theater Schools in Crisis: Casting a Commerical Face  (Apr 1996)
British Theater's New Orthodoxy  (Nov 1989)
British Theater's Premature Burial  (Jul 1993)
British Theater: Just How Intelligent?  (Feb 1987)
Bussy D'Ambois: On Stage for the First Time in Nearly Four Centuries  (Nov 1988)
Casablanca, the Play  (Jul 1991)
Chichester Festival Theatre  (Oct 1986)
Compare and Contrast: Theater in London  (Aug 1986)
David Hare's The Secret Rapture: Celebrating Malign Energy  (Feb 1989)
David Storey: Working-class Tension  (Aug 1989)
Edinburg International: The World's Biggest Festival  (Dec 1989)
G. B. Shaw: A New Look Thanks to American Actors  (Mar 1987)
Globe Theater Redux: All the Globe's a Stage  (Sep 1996)
Globe Theatre Will Return: The Story, the Struggle, the Site  (Nov 1986)
Goethe's Prince of Darkness: Why Faust Today?  (Sep 1988)
Horror Times Two  (Nov 1991)
Jacobean Syndrome: Playwrites Look to the Past  (May 2004)
Kafka on Trial  (Jun 1991)
King Lear as a Bad-Tempered Old Man: Anthony Hopkins and David Hare Tackle Shakespeare  (Jul 1987)
Kubrick: A Clockwork Lemon  (May 1990)
Lloyd Webber Back on Broadway  (Apr 1990)
London Theater's Greening  (Jul 1992)
London's Black Theater  (Nov 1992)
London's West End Theaters Offer a Lively Mix  (Dec 1986)
Manchester Takes London by Storm: A Provincial Company Masters French Farce  (Aug 1987)
Matrimony, Racism, and British Theater  (Apr 1991)
Michael Blakemore's Subtle Touch:The Timing of the Surf:  (Jun 1996)
Michael Frayn: Illusion and Reality Clash  (Oct 1990)
Moliere: A British Take  (Apr 1992)
Not Your Classical Chess  (Aug 1986)
Pantomime Forever: A Grand Old British Christmas Tradition  (Dec 1987)
People of the Word: Irish Theater Is Alive and Flourishing  (Jun 1987)
Peter O'Toole in Excelsis  (Feb 1990)
Peter Shaffer's Yonadab  (Mar 1986)
Philosopher as Capon  (Jul 1990)
Pinter Goes Political  (Mar 1989)
Pitfalls of Freedom  (May 1995)
Pravda  (Mar 1986)
Premature Obituaries: Critics Fail to Bury British Theater  (Jan 1995)
Royal Shakespeare Company: What About Don Juan?  (Oct 1991)
Sherlock Holmes: The Secret Life  (Dec 1988)
Sichuan and Salome  (Sep 1990)
Sir Laurence: A Tribute  (Sep 1987)
Stoppard Crosses Nuclear Physics With Espionage: Yet Another Hit From the West's Most Important Playwright  (Jun 1988)
Stoppard Stops Short  (May 2003)
Stoppard Teams Up With R.B. Sheridan  (Mar 1986)
Theater as Supermarket  (May 1991)
Victorian Music Hall Lives  (Nov 1990)
Winnie--Now, the Musical  (Jul 1988)
Zola's Nana: A Metaphor for Our Age?  (May 1988)

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