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Ecological Specialities

Ecological Specialities
Eco-Friendly Agriculture Puts Down Roots in Spain  (Sep 2014) 
Kazakhstan: The Aral Sea Recovers  (Jan 2012) 
Unraveling the Intricacies of Biochar  (Jan 2012) 
Pangaea: Supercontinent's Geography, Climate, Dictated where Species Lived  (Jun 2011) 
Will Plant Losses Compromise Earth's Life-Support Systems?  (Apr 2011) 
Marine Habitats Risk Irreversible Damage   (Dec 2010) 
Leaf Beetles Reveal Evolutionary Secrets   (Feb 2010) 
Consequences of Designer Ecosystems   (Oct 2008) 
Drugs From the Deep Blue   (Oct 2005) 
A Marine Wonder of the World   (Nov 2002) [Bay of Fundy]
When the Trees Die   (Jan 2002) [forest deadwood and web of life]
Not Just a Hole in the Ground   (Dec 2000) [caves]
The Pantanal: Land of the Great Heartbeat   (Feb 2000) [world's largest wetland]
Storehouses of Natural Diversity   (Apr 1997) [North American savannas]
Underwater Paradise   (Nov 1995) [coral reef]
Brave New Biosphere   (Oct 1995) 
Modeling Mother Nature   (Nov 1994) [ecosystem models]
Miniature Nitrogen Factories   (Jun 1994) [nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria]
The Other Rain Forests   (Nov 1992) [rain forests in temperate zones]
Zone of Combat   (Jun 1992) [alpine timberline trees]
Old King of the Green Desert   (Apr 1992) [saguaro cactus]
The Hottest Life on Earth   (Feb 1992) [microbes in marine volcanic vents]
The Return of Krakatau's Rain Forest   (Oct 1991) 
The Emerging Science of Biospherics   (May 1991) 
Leaving the Planetary Cradle   (Feb 1991) [biosphere; closed ecological systems]
Rain Forest Economics   (Aug 1990) 
The Tallgrass Prairie   (Jun 1990) 
Out in the Cold   (Jan 1990) [mountaintop alpine communities]
Terra Obscura: The Earth's Rhizosphere   (Dec 1989) [life in the soil]
The Allobiosphere   (Jul 1989) [extreme habitats]
Desert Jewel   (May 1989) [hanging gardens, oases]
Nature's Feisty Partnerships   (Oct 1987) [insect-plant interactions]
Desert in Bloom   (Apr 1986) 

Pantanal Fever
The Pantanal: Land of the Great Heartbeat   (Feb 2000) [world's largest wetland]
Introduction   (Feb 2000) 
The Pantanal: A Celebration of Life   (Feb 2000) 

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