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Arthropods and Gastropods | Biodiversity and Endangered Species | Birds | Ecological Specialties | Fungi and Lichens  | Geological Formations, Flows, and History  | Mammals | Microbes | Nature’s Fury | Plants | Reptiles and Amphibians | Rocks and Gemstones | Seasonal Features | Skyscapes | Special Topics | Underwater Treasures | Water | Weather-Related Phenomena

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Biodiversity and Endangered Species

Biodiversity and Endangered Species
Rapid-Fire Evolution  (Dec 2014) 
Study: Cheetah Population Dwindling  (Nov 2014) 
Protecting America's Underwater Serengeti  (Sep 2014) 
Whales Find Good Company  (May 2014) 
The Bird Has Flown - Forever  (Dec 2013) 
Documenting Invasive Species on Colombia's Plains  (Sep 2013) 
Endangered Bird Falls Prey to Royal Hunting Games  (Feb 2013) 
Scientists Use Marine Robots to Detect Endangered Whales  (Feb 2013) 
Droughts Push Trees to the Limit  (Oct 2012) 
Jamaica’s Rich Biodiversity  (Jun 2012) 
Climate Change Threatens Future of Western Hemisphere’s Mammals  (Jun 2012) 
Cold-Weather Habitats Most Vulnerable to Climate Change  (May 2012) 
Global Warming Threatens Amazon Turtles  (Jan 2012) 
Wolverines Threatened by Climate Change   (Mar 2011) 
Tiger Sanctuaries in India   (Jan 2011) 
Wolves Back at Swiss Doors   (Nov 2010) 
Adieu, Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna?   (Apr 2010) 
Diet of the Great White Shark   (Nov 2009) 
The Last Lair of the Leopard   (May 2009) 
Zoo Outpost on Front Line of Research   (Mar 2009) 
Discoveries Highlight Danger to Australian Reefs   (Nov 2008) 
Illegal Trade Decimating Wildlife in India   (Nov 2008) 
Saving Elephants and Communities in Mali   (Oct 2008) 
Royal Bengal Tiger Population, Habitat in Danger   (Oct 2008) 
Consequences of Designer Ecosystems   (Oct 2008) 
Reducing Burrowing Shrimps’ Impact on Oyster Production   (Jun 2008) 
Help Support the Battle Against Invasive Species   (Jun 2008) 
Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Plan   (Mar 2008) 
The Brown Pelican's Remarkable Recovery   (Mar 2008) 
List of Candidates for Endangered Species Act Listing Updated   (Jan 2008) 
Turtle Conservation is Like its Namesake: It's Slow, But There are Big Rewards   (Jan 2008) 
Battle to Save the Dugongs   (Dec 2007) 
Protection Warranted for 10 Penguin Species   (Sep 2007) 
Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Now Thriving   (Aug 2007) 
Butterflies... Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?   (Feb 2007) 
Amazing Amazon Animals   (Oct 2006) 
Global Warming Threatening Delicate Coral Reefs   (Sep 2006) 
Mythical Jaguars Face Harsh Reality   (Aug 2006) 
Terri Roth: Saving Endangered Species Through Cryogenics   (May 2005) 
Sharks: Dangerous or Endangered?   (Jan 2004) 
The Politics of Biodiversity   (Dec 2002) 
Creature Conservation   (Dec 2002) 
Saving the Mountain Gorillas   (Oct 2002) 
Wealth of Life   (Aug 2001) [biodiversity]
The Pace of Extinction   (May 1999) 
Costa Rica: Committed to Conservation   (Nov 1998) 
Let's Save Our Endangered Livestock Breeds   (Aug 1998) 
Our Alien Landscape   (Jul 1997) [non-native plants and animals]
The Developed versus the Developing   (Apr 1997) 
Storehouses of Natural Diversity   (Apr 1997) [North American savannas]
Restoring the American Elm   (Feb 1997) 
Brave New Biosphere   (Oct 1995) 
To Know, to Use, to Save   (Feb 1995) 
Replanting Seabird Colonies   (Feb 1995) 
Gorillas in the Fog of War   (Sep 1994) 
Endangered Species v. Endangered Jobs: We Need Laws to Preserve Biodiversity   (Sep 1993) 
High-Tech Botanical Haven   (Feb 1993) [Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research]
The Other Rain Forests   (Nov 1992) [rain forests in temperate zones]
The Mission of Preservation   (Jun 1992) [seed storage]
Tracing Ivory to Its Source   (Mar 1991) 
Rain Forest Economics   (Aug 1990) 
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center   (Jun 1989) [endangered species - captive propagation]
The Genetic Management of Endangered Species   (Sep 1988) 
The Eclipse of the California Condor   (Feb 1988) 

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