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Plants Use Sixth Sense for Growth Aboard the Space Station  (May 2015) 
Seeds of High Asia  (Apr 2012) 
Unraveling the Intricacies of Biochar  (Jan 2012) 
Geraniums and Begonias: New Research on Old Garden Favorites   (May 2010) 
Preparing Peanuts for the Future   (Apr 2010) 
Rings and Fire Scars Reveal Sequioas’ History   (Apr 2010) 
Moss Helps Chart the Conquest of Land by Plants   (Mar 2010) 
Mangroves May Protect Life in Storms   (Jun 2009) 
Willows: As They Grow, Pollution Shrinks   (Jan 2009) 
'Purple Bounty': A Hairy Vetch for Northern Climates   (May 2008) 
Tracing the Florida Mangoes' Family Tree   (May 2008) 
Elephant Grass for Biomass   (Dec 2007) 
A Cypress in the Sahara   (Nov 2007) 
The Mission to Build a Better Peanut   (Aug 2006) 
A Red Seaweed Yields New Compounds With Pharmaceutical Potential   (Dec 2005) 
A Humble Tree Delivers a Nutritional Punch   (Sep 2005) 
Brush Overgrowing Tundra in the Arctic   (Apr 2005) 
Green Spinach May Soon Power More Than Popeye's Biceps   (Jan 2005) 
A Startling New Marine Habitat in Alaska   (Nov 2004) 
Bonsai: Little Big Trees Marry Science and Aesthetics   (Aug 2004) 
Good Luck Weeds   (Jul 2003) [clovers]
When the Trees Die   (Jan 2002) [forest deadwood and web of life]
Autumn's Bounty   (Nov 2000) [gourd family -- pumkins, squashes, etc.]
A Short Pine Fills a Tall Order   (Sep 2000) [Colorado pinyon tree]
Fascination of Fronds   (Jun 1999) [ferns]
The Aquatic Nymph   (Aug 1998) [water lilies]
Crocus Capers   (Mar 1998) 
It's a Nutty World   (Oct 1997) [nuts]
Some Like It Hotter   (Aug 1997) [cactus plants]
Restoring the American Elm   (Feb 1997) 
Plants With an Appetite   (Aug 1996) [carnivorous plants]
The Secret Life of Cones   (Feb 1996) [pine cones]
Autumn's Dazzling Showcase   (Oct 1995) [fall foliage]
The Sod That Came in From the Cold   (Dec 1994) [specialty grass for enclosed arena]
Ponderosa Pine Forests   (Aug 1994) 
Giant Forests of the Sea   (Jul 1994) [giant kelp]
A Singular Trinity   (May 1994) [trillium]
A Gift from Mexico   (Dec 1993) [poinsettia]
Leaf To Root, Come In, Please   (Oct 1993) [communication system in plants]
The Wild Gourd of the Ozarks   (Oct 1993) [ancestor of pumpkins, squashes]
Native American Apples   (Sep 1993) 
Alien Purple   (Aug 1993) [purple loosestrife]
The Itinerant Tree   (May 1993) [black locust tree]
An Ancient Tree   (Feb 1993) [neem tree]
Zone of Combat   (Jun 1992) [alpine timberline trees]
Old King of the Green Desert   (Apr 1992) [saguaro cactus]
The Aspen Paradox   (Oct 1991) 
Unsung Grass   (Jun 1991) [ochard grass]
The Perfect Plant   (Apr 1991) [Arabidopsis thaliana of the mustard family]
The Holiday Nut   (Dec 1990) [chestnut]
Alerce: The South American Giant   (Oct 1990) 
Ocean Biology and Global Climate   (Apr 1990) [phytoplankton and climate regulation]
China's Living Fossil   (Feb 1990) [metasequoia tree]
The Root of Plant Science: Rhizobotany   (Jan 1990) 
Old-time Apples   (Oct 1989) 
Trees and Drought   (Aug 1989) 
Ginseng: The Man-Shaped Root   (Jul 1988) 
The Mayapple   (May 1988) 
How Hardy Trees Survive Winter   (Jan 1988) 
Mistletoe and Its Lore   (Dec 1987) 
Nature's Feisty Partnerships   (Oct 1987) [insect-plant interactions]
The Dandelion: Golden Conqueror   (Jun 1987) 
Tree Flowers   (Apr 1987) [pollination by the wind]
Autumn Seeds   (Sep 1986) 

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