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Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and Amphibians
Hard Won Lizards  (Sep 2015) 
No Male? No Problem for Female Boa Constrictor   (Dec 2010) 
Rattlesnake Diplomacy   (Feb 2007) 
Who's Afraid of the Deadly Diamondback?   (Aug 2000) [diamondback rattlesnake]
The Cave Dweller   (May 1999) [gopher tortoise]
An American Chameleon Colors Expectations   (May 1998) [green anole]
Harbinger of Spring   (Mar 1997) [spring peeper]
Reptile in a Box   (Aug 1995) [box turtle]
Some Like It Hot   (Sep 1994) [horned toads / horned lizards]
Living on the Edge   (Jun 1993) [spadefoot toad]
Frightful Ally   (Aug 1992) [rattlesnakes]

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